The sixth volume in Steven Erikson’s truly epic fantasy sequence, The Malazan Book of the Fallen. There’s nothing like sweeping up tag-ends to change the. The Bonehunters is the sixth volume in Canadian author Steven Erikson’s epic fantasy series, the Malazan Book of the Fallen. The Bonehunters is a direct. The Bonehunters is the sixth novel the Malazan Book of the Fallen epic fantasy Seven Cities:The Malazan Empire ca Burn’s Sleep .. Chapter 6 Edit.

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But in this book? I stated this all throughout my updates, but this is by far the best book in the series, so far.

The Bonehunters

Apsalar announces over Telorasts and Curdle’s conversation which has gone on a sharp tangent that bonehuntees gate leads to Jen’rahbbut Telorast and Curdle could end up in Hood ‘s Realm.

This book sees a bunch of gods taking a much more direct hand in the mortal realms, almost always to the detriment of the mortals of said realm. Mar 17, Lori rated it really liked it. With such a malazaan group of people to work with you’re gonna have characters that never take off or are explored or developed or just have minor parts to play–relatively inconsequential. I can feel it. Books by Steven Erikson. Granted, you are somewhat hairy.

The Bonehunters–Book Six of the Malazan Book of the Fallen

Other favourites like Apsalar and Karsa Orlong who are intriguing to follow and create a lot of humour at least on Karsa’s part. View all 58 comments.


This book doesn’t work as a standalone novel, but that’s not too tne in a book for number six in an ongoing saga. I hope view spoiler [Laseen hide spoiler ] also gets what she has coming to her and good luck dealing with view spoiler [Rel and Dom hide spoiler ] and the rest of the vipers nest.

Tears glistened beneath Stormy’s eyes as the sorrow-filled music born of strings filled the small room, and names and faces slowly resolved, one after another, in the minds of the four soldiers as the candles guttered down. The return of familiar and favourite faces was definitely a welcomed change after being taken off tangent in Midnight Tides. Feed upon what you have witnessed — and all that we might see on the voyage ahead. But now that knives have been unsheathed, the gods are disinclined to be kind.

This book just has convergence after convergence. Tor Books Publication Date: Madness called sanity, slavery called freedom. Willful Child Willful Child: This book has some really dark, miserable and desperate moments and throughout those I was filled with awe and sorrow for our characters.

The female dragon, Eloth, then claims that she did what K’rul asked her to do, and her loyalty should not be questioned. I love the darkness and sorrow he can provoke within me, and the fun and wit he can inspire too. A brewing ciivil war withing the Malazan Empire itself.


For example, its not easy for me to figure out the relationship between Quick Ben and Shadowthrone. Steven Erikson is the pseudonym of Steve Rune Lundina Canadian novelist, who was educated and trained as both an archaeologist and anthropologist.

The Bonehunters by Steven Erikson

I will say that after having read last month which was a very different style of writing but still within the Malazan world this was for sure a big improvement on that. Erikson’s writing in this book is just above and beyond. Breaking open their cave made them more so. Meanwhile, Onearm’s Host, restored to the favour of Empress Laseen, has landed on Seven Cities ‘ north coast to complete the task of subduing the rebellion, but a deadly plague has been unleashed.

A place of foreboding, its smell is of death. We are contrary creatures, us humans, but that isn’t something we need be afraid of, or even much troubled by. Cotillion tells him about the threat the Crippled God poses on the First Throne of the T’lan Imass and the Throne of Shadow, upon which Edgewalker says that he will give the matter some consideration.

The characters in this book were what helped make this book as great as it was.