Eminent Victorians [Lytton Strachey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Eminent Victorians, first published in and consisting of. Strachey’s portraits of Cardinal Manning, Florence Nightingale, Thomas Arnold, and Eminent Victorians, collection of short biographical sketches by Lytton. Eminent Victorians () by Lytton Strachey consists of biographies of four leading figures from the Victorian era. Its fame rests on the.

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Sutherland was a sanitary expert who victoriasn over thirty years was Nightingale’s confidential private secretary. The Sudan was occupied, and as Strachey. One wonders, therefore, why Strachey found it necessary to be less than enthusiastic about Froude’s life and work than we ourselves may be at least when confronted by Strachey’s short essay about this writer. A stfachey of the Victorians from a Modernist perspective.

The awesome and I don’t use that word often power and presence of lygton four personalities treated shines through the writing despite or because of the economy of Strachey’s prose.

Jul 08, Wealhtheow marked it as to-read Recommended to Wealhtheow by: If you are imagining something dry and flattering, think again: I had hardly taken the typescript up again after dinner when The British government was put in an almost impossible dilemma, and when eventually they did send a relief expedition it arrived just two days too late.

Keep Exploring Britannica Charles Dickens. How was he to approach his task? Benjamin Hawes was the most senior civil servant in the War Office, and he made every effort he could to block Nightingale’s reforms.

Lytton Strachey’s contribution to biography is that, though it may possibly be informed by psychological science and discourse, whatever else it may admit, biography is hardly reducible to categorical statement alone.


The art of biography seems to have fallen on evil times in England. After his conversion, Newman’s life, according to Strachey, was a long series of disappointments. A culture is no less likely than an individual to fail in suspicion of its own motives or to manufacture divine endorsement of its most selfish desires, though thousands perish in consequence. A Critical Biography was also published in, well, two fat volumes. Strachey states in his preface that there is just too much information known about the Victorian Age and that for a historian it is simply overwhelming for any direct approach.

Eminent Victorians by Lytton Strachey

In the hospital, “want, neglect, confusion, misery” reigned, for which Strachey blames the incompetence of the English authorities. Jun 25, Scott rated it really liked it Shelves: Again, there is the half-amused tone, quite gentle this time, and the reader is left with the impression of a man who takes a great interest in an extremely dull issue, implying a smallness of mental range unsuitable for one in a high position in the government—which is exactly the impression Strachey wishes to create.

Its the easiest thing in the world, to be a I will read this book through to the strachhey but so far having only finished Strachey’s appraisal of the great ‘Chinese’ Gordon I see no vindication of any claims that Strachey ‘overturned the field of biography’ with this publication.

Strachey doesn’t spend much time justifying his choices, only to say that they were the ones that caught his fancy and that he wanted lessons from their lives that would apply to the present, in his case, years ago. Read it Forward Read it first. What Lytton Strachey Hath Wrought,” describes the books that made up this trend as “fizzing with colorful personal details, imagined scenes, purported psychological insights derived from letters or thin air, and illusive intimacy.


After his research into the life of Cardinal Manninghe realised he would have difficulty managing twelve lives.

Although Strachey does not dispute Manning’s formidable energy and administrative skills, he presents him in a negative light. He was determined not to let Khartoum fall, but when he reached the city, the situation rapidly worsened. A poll conducted in shows that under a million people less than two percent of the population attend regular Emnient services. Mar 08, James Elliott rated it really liked it.

Eminent Victorians – Wikisource, the free online library

Voltaire, victprians of the greatest of all French writers. His strategy is to be selective, and as he metaphorically puts it, “to row out over that great ocean of material, and lower down, here and there, a little bucket, which brings up to light some characteristic specimen from those far depths, to be examined with a careful curiosity.

emihent By the end of the first decade of the twentieth century, Britain was increasingly concerned about the rapid rise of German power, particularly the German Navy, which threatened Britain’s long-held maritime supremacy.

Prompted by his fascination with Froude, Strachey’s hostility first appears in the form of irony. Strachey redeems his subjects; he doesn’t condemn them.

While claims are made that the depth-dimension of a figure is presented, what remains is merely a stereotypical description of the “surface of personality.