Define Luhya. Luhya synonyms, Luhya pronunciation, Luhya translation, English dictionary definition of Luhya. Noun 1. Luyia – a Bantu language Bantoid. Bukusu- ukusu-English dictionary compiled and edited by: Michael Marlo, The present draft is based on L. L. Appleby’s Luhya-English Vocabulary. indigenous beliefsRELATED ARTICLES: Vol. 1: Kenyans Source for information on Luhya: Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life dictionary.

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Because many people nowadays profess Christianity, many burial ceremonies, even though largely traditional in terms of observance of certain rites, do involve prayers in church and at the deceased’s home. Women may hug each other, but cross-gender hugging is rare. Among the Luhya gender roles are assigned to men and women culturally in ways which create, reinforce, and perpetuate relationships in which males are viewed as superior and women are in a subordinate position.

An extensive spread of Christianity occurred during the colonial period. Clay pots are also still used by many families for preparing and storing traditional beer, and also for cooking traditional vegetables. In spite of this suppression, Kenyan male prostitutes are readily available on the streets of Nairobi and Mombasa, usually catering to international tourists.

Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Among the Abawanga, Islam is also practiced.

Often the family will deny itself many of life’s necessities and comforts, like better housing, food, and clothing, in order to put the children through school. Traditional clothing is worn mostly during specific occasions by certain people.

Traditionally, a request for marriage is made between the parents of the man and the woman. English officialSwahili officialnumerous indigenous languages. Burial often takes place in the homestead of the deceased.


This is further hampered by the lack of electricity in many of the rural areas. As already noted earlier, women are supposed to be in deference to men.

Visits are very common among the Luhya people. Luyia – luuhya Bantu language Bantoid languageBantu – a family of languages widely spoken in the southern half of the African continent.

100 Commonly Used Luhya Words and Their Translations

Radios and cassette players, however, are affordable, and these provide musical entertainment for many people. For those that can afford it, wheat bread bought from the stores is consumed with tea.

Women do most of the domestic chores such as fetching firewood, cooking, taking care of children, and also farm puhya. While it is known that many deaths occur through illnesses like malaria and tuberculosis, as well as road accidents, quite a few deaths are still believed to occur from witchcraft. For girls, jumping rope is very common. For the Luhya groups that still maintain the traditional circumcision rites especially the Ababukusuthe initiates will often put on clothing made of dictionady and dictionarh themselves with red ochre or ash.

Rather, there are several mutually intelligible dialects which are principally Bantu.

Problems of alcoholism exist among the Luhya, but problems that are considered particularly pressing are those to do with the high population density and high population growth rate. At the turn of the 20th century, Christianity was dicrionary to Luhyaland as it was to the rest of the country.

Items like cars and TVs are largely lacking among the majority of these people.

Commonly Used Luhya Words and Their Translations – Wisdom Africa

However, milk may not be available all the time, and tea may very often be taken without it. Noting his weekend meeting with Luhya elders was closed-door, the politician said: Chicken is a delicacy and is the food prepared for important guests or on important occasions.

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Government of Kenya, n.

All religious groups abhor homosexuality and condone its complete dictioonary. The earth created by Were had three types of soil: The essence of any form of greeting is not just to salute the person, but to inquire of their well-being and that of their families. The drug problem has not caught up with the Luhya to any significant degree.

The chicken gizzard, however, is still for the most part considered men’s food particularly the male head of the householdand in many homes women will not eat it. Acts of supposed lack of deference or insubordination by women towards their husbands, father-in-laws, or other senior male relatives can result in beatings from the male relatives, especially the husband. These illnesses are prevalent mainly due to poor sanitation and inadequate access to clean water and health facilities, and also because they frequently do not practice safe sex.

For example, veteran politicians Michael Wamalwa Kijana and Musalia Mudavadi rose to become vice presidents of the Kenyan Government though for brief periods of time. Pots are often used for brewing local beer, cooking food, and storing water.

These are mass-manufactured in the country, as well as imported, and are bought from the stores. The Luhya belong to the larger linguistic stock known as the Bantu.