Mind in Life by Evan Thompson The Embodied Mind by Francisco J. Varela Phenomenology of Tree of Knowledge by Humberto R. Maturana Zen and the Brain by James H. Austin da mecânica quântica e de uma teoria social do conhecimento de sabor marxista. . “Sabendo como sabemos” é o tema deste livro. São Paulo: Difusão Européia do Livro. Maturana, H. R., & Varela, F. G. (). A Árvore do Conhecimento, tradução de Humberto Mariotti e Lia Diskin. Fazer um resumo esquemático do livro base, para cada aula e que deve ser .. Comentários ao livro ´a árvore do conhecimento – Maturana e Varela. Publique.

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As regards its continuous interactions with the environment, the cell unity classifies them and sees them in accordance with its structure at every instant. Astonishing, and requires a few readings connecimento years to get the ideas clearly. Nov 05, Ricardo Roman rated it it was amazing. Amazing book on the building of complexity in biological beings.

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Conversely, each time we refer to a unity in our descriptions, we are implying the operation of distinction that defines it and makes it possible. The rest does have some nice insights but consists mostly of rather dry material sprinkled with some examples. If you’re buying this book you’re looking for different knowledge. One of the results is that you look apathetic to people.

Here you have the most important mistakes one can matrana – there are smaller ones! Jan Willem van Ee The Netherlands. It may seem obvious to look at me, carve a 2D surface over my skin, and call me a closed system, but give me a week without a consistent supply of low-entropy energy and I’ll quickly succumb to the second law of thermodynamics.

The theory is built from scratch to explain the natural emergence of these phenomena in biological systems, and it leads us to beautifully conclusion that the mind is shared, it emerges in social contexts and love is the guiding force of the phenomenon. Undoubtedly, it is at least the conceptual cherry in the proverbial intellectual cake I’ve been cooking for at least the past two years as I reflected upon and studied about justice, political philosophy, sociology, anthropology, psychology, as well as, most notably recently, systems theory, complexity and cognitive science.


I am not saying this justifies anything of my faith which I really don’t know how to justify but it does sit well. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The following passage from the last chapter of the book helps illustrate my amazement a little, and will close this review: Hence, the only possibility conhecimengo coexistence is to opt for a broader perspective, a domain of existence in which both parties fit in the bringing forth of a common world.

Revista Polis e Psique

Nov 24, Antonio marked it as to-read. Books by Humberto R. Thinking dat what you see in an outside world is anything else than the productions or distortions of your own mind is self-deceiving. Copy creation from a mold is historical if iterated.

Definitely takes discipline to read if you’re not of the scientific mindset. For example, a given university may be a set of assets and liabilities, a collection of students, a football team, a physical space, or some combination of these things, depending on who you ask.

This looks very Buddhist as is taught in Dzogchen and no wonder that Varela was one of the initiators of the Mind Life Institute of the Dalai Lama and also a Buddhist himself. Different observers and even the same observer at different times with different goals will have different domains of interactions and will define a unity in a different way.

Uribe, is particularly known for creating the term “autopoiesis” about the self-generating, self-maintaining structure in living systems, and concepts such as structural determinism and structure coupling. Elementary nervous system — sensory surface, motor surface, system of coordination between surfaces i.

It compels us because, when we know that we know, we cannot deny to ourselves or to others that we know. This is so, not because autopoietic unities go against any aspect of physical phenomenology — since their molecular components must fulfil all physical laws — but because the phenomena they generate in functioning as autopoietic unities depend on their organization and the way this organization comes about, and not on the physical nature of their components which only determine the space of their existence.


To phrase it differently, the space of possible reactions to an environment is defined in the internal structure of an organism; the environment does not inject behavioral commands into an organism in any way.

The nervous system, therefore, by its very architecture does not violate but enriches the operational closure that defines the autonomous nature of the living being.

In the end we happen, with our consciousness and we are obliged to bring it forth in a way that allows others to share it. I highly recommended this book for businesspeople, executives, social leaders, and entrepreneurs for conhecimeento a fundamental understanding of humans and social structures. I find it amazing how the authors are able ilvro fit so many different topics into a meaningful cascade of concepts and theories that fits perfectly to their main conclusions, of cognitive processes as circular biological, social and linguistic phenomena inherent of living beings.

To ask other readers questions about Tree of Knowledgeplease sign up. This book is cited in many other ones and should be read by everyone looking for a better understanding of biology basics.

Disciplina Complexidade, Conhecimento e Sociedades em Rede | eGov UFSC

The two biologists go well beyond their original disciplines, delving cobhecimento philosophy, spirituality and psychology, as examples of overlapping domains in this such essential but overlooked perhaps due to its complexity concept of cognition. Apr 28, Joe Raimondo rated it it was amazing. I like reading these technical books but I can never quite hang on to enough of the wow moments and ‘penny drops’ to keep it in my consciousness or communicate it to others properly but I’ll give it a go.

This is good news, once we recognize it, because we are a narrative species.

Tree of Knowledge

The external pain is a trigger only. Published March 31st by Shambhala first published That means we are equal in our uniqueness of limitation.

Our minds, ideas, and life on Earth are explicit examples of such systems.