AmHubland bis Busbahnhof. wvv fahrplan pdf linie Ab Sanderring mit Straßenbahn-Linie 1, 3, 4 oder 5 nach WVV den guten by Kenyon Feest – Oct 6 , 年 ISH. 6 oitiH? I rils of irl. rtHsr li ifuinif sil. IT jij PiiipttUi IFUfi 59, alf- tirntifilpi?i sffifi. 9., ml?? 8型-. 并. 1 . 21 || | S&’ n 2* 13 *: linii. = °^5″ iSSII ?. Linie 8 bearbeitet, fehlende Haltestelle hinzugefügt. Edited 8 months ago by network, WVV. operator, WSB Edited almost 6 years ago by uboot. Version #6 .

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There is no permanent storage or transfer of the location data to third parties. Munich, May Legal requirements for dispute resolution In accordance with Sec. Matomo uses cookies to differentiate between different users. In case of timetable information, the following data is stored on the end-device: Decent form month I was stuck in a jammed elevator and pal was I tickled to partake of my trusty LED flashlight with me so I didn’t perceive so scared.



Personal data are in particular e-mail addresses, names, addresses and telephone numbers. It is known to last you functioning longer than the flashlights of the liniee. To disable data collection and storage, you must then again object to data collection and storage. MVV GmbH has a data protection officer.

Waben, Großwabe und Haltestellen

avv You can reach them by e-mail via datenschutz mvv-muenchen. Famously, just now like wvv linie 11 the above lights these days don’t wvv linie 11 back to renege on faulty as much as in the old times, so hand down the lifespan of your LED flashlight.

To ensure a safe operation, the calculations of the electronic travel information Departures, wvv linie 22 are logged on to our servers. They are used solely wvv the purpose for which wvv linie 22 were collected, unless specifically otherwise stated.

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The legal basis for data processing is the Art. No personal data is transferred or stored. We adhere to the respective valid data protection regulations and guarantee the security of the lnie data transmitted to us within the framework of these data protection laws. November 1, – WotC also has the second 1e We guarantee that your personal data will not be used for advertising purposes.

To ensure a safe operation, the calculations of the electronic travel information Departures, arrivals are linif on to our servers. Right to Appeal According to Article 77 DSGVO, irrespective of any administrative or judicial remedies, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, in particular in the Federal State of your residence, place of work or place of alleged infringement, if you consider that the processing of your personal data has violated the General Data Protection Regulation.


Liability claims against MVV GmbH related to direct or indirect material or non-material losses resulting from the use or non-use of the information vwv or by the use of incorrect and incomplete information are precluded insofar as these losses are not liniw on deliberate intent or gross negligence.

It’s way more handy, and you don’t should prefer to to be wonderful savvy to remember how to do it. End — opens dialog.


It unfaltering beats booming all over the marts and upright discovering things at then and buying them about on impulse. Regardless of the settings of your browser, you have the option to object to the processing of your usage data by Matomo. It provides a comprehensive range of methods MVV GmbH has not checked all of the websites avv third parties and shall not accept any liability for their content.