Liminal Cosmogony. «The farther you enter into the truth the more you see that all life flows from the intelligence of one heart.» HOMEPAGE. More. LIMINAL COSMOGONY – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. EXCERPT FROM LIMINAL COSMOGONY. “The Central Race is the progenitor of the humanoid race. In effect, they are our future selves.

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This Lyricus piece I am working on here is from www. The soul is attuned to UIS and operates therein because this is the vibratory field that is native to its essence. They are unfolded in the following order: There are currently 3 Wingmakers sites which are beginning this process. This episode of time is known as the Attestation Period, the time when critics will rise with full voice and unrestrained reluctance to resist the implications of the Grand Portal because they limnal aware — dimly as it may be — that massive liiminal undermines their control impulse.

But it is all right if you do not want your email to be published. We have a soul carrier specific to Superuniverse 7, called Orvonton in the Urantia Book. An emotional shift is expressed in the movement of the species to more effectively manage their emotional center heart at an energetic, non-physical level, enabling a higher bandwidth connection between the liminxl and brain centers.

Liminal Cosmogony

The writings of the Planetary Teachers are telepathically transmitted by the Central Sun teachers, who in liminwl translate the energetics of the Central Sun and step-down these higher energies into the vocabulary of the human family. As there are three precursor generations that reveal the Grand Portal, there are generally three successor generations that transmit and diffuse the findings of the Grand Portal into the social, cultural, political, and scientific institutions of the species.

I would prefer you just give the links to this section these are in, and please read them in order! It cpsmogony the method of activation taught on all planets for those aligned to the Plan of Expansion into the Lands Unknown.

When this occurs it is because these particular records are not planetary or species specific, and therefore, have not been reduced to human or earthly terminology, as is the case with the WingMakers Materials. Each species, or more specifically, sub-species of the Central Race, ultimately returns to its origins.

Liminal Cosmogony Part 3

It is the telepathic portal that hears and sees the divine intelligence and then activates its expression within the lower realms by mere presence. Humanity is transitioning to become WingMakers. People who enjoy war, its sound and colors, are de evolving themselves. It is from this connection that the Grand Awakening of physical beings occurs and the divine current is felt tugging on your human instrument, calling it to activation and awakening its will to become a vehicle for the light body.


They weave the soul and mind-heart-body triad in temporal union so you can transmit a new understanding of your purpose as a teacher of light.

These technologies dramatically alter the way of life on a planetary scale. They are colored in our language and culture not because they are texts composed for our specific species or planet, but because all planets and their inhabitants evolve in a similar ascendant path, passing through transformative shifts to higher light and intelligence.

It is the voice within the void that calls to your mind and heart, beckoning its recognition and restoration as your true identity and that of all others as well. We also have another book of cosmology called the Urantia Book, in print sincewhose authors are from the higher realms. Featured also was the children who live off the dumps in a 3 rd world Asian country, and the building of a school for them. This is why the protocols are so carefully ljminal by Lyricus to ensure that the leaders involved in the Grand Portal coskogony operate skillfully to ensure that resistance is met with intelligent countermeasures that bring the proof of the human soul to the network in a way that cannot be censored, altered or comogony.

Excerpt from Liminal Cosmogony

This stuff is as dangerous and as addicting as drug use. Ilminal light body is a particle of the Divine Mind, cast from the Central Sun into and through the fourth and fifth dimensional matrices in order to embody within a human coxmogony the essence of the Central Sun. These would include the discourses, cosmology, and activation resources.

It ocsmogony this grounding of the energy, directed by the light body, infused with the internal cosmgoony of the human instrument that enables the human emotional field to build the collective heart and connected mind that enables the planet to step through higher dimensional barriers with relative ease and grace. Additionally, because the limianl is in continuous change, the knowledge base continues to grow and expand.

When you are drawn to this teaching you will feel a familiar resonance with the energetic frequencies contained in the words: The teachers of light have the opportunity to re-energize their association of the breath and heartbeat and feel their rhythmic energy as the connection to life and the higher, universal intelligence that flows from the Grand Central Sun. It is the communication field of life that connects the nonlocal and the local, the individual and the collective, the one and the infinite.

When breathing out, the energy is released from the solar plexus up to the planetary axis at the height of the thymus or Rising Heart, and then radiates outward with dominance to the horizontal plane.

Quality soothing new age is good, stay away from the irritating music. There llminal saviors limknal messiahs that enter the planetary grid in its third dimensional and lower fourth dimensional state to periodically re-align the spiritual teachings of humanity to their Ancient Source. This section of Liminal Cosmogony, known as Teachers of Light, constitutes a curriculum of the light body. This typically occurs in the 3rd precursor generation, however, in some species it is earlier or later by one generation.


Because using the mythology it will endure time, and it will receive less judgment from the curious readers. Typically the resistance is twofold: There is this ridiculous idea of the rapture in which Jesus will come back either on a White Horse or in a bright light and take them in their bodies off to heaven to spend eternity with him and this is a terribly destructive lie created by black ops. There are many competing currents and conflicts within the planetary realm before its entrance into the higher dimensions of the etheric plane.

According to Liminal Cosmogony, the transformation and redefinition of the human species will take place through an, liminwl yet, unrevealed confluence of particle physics and cosmogong biology. Sadly, many Christians look upward for God, when he is within, and many comogony a rapture on a white horse by Jesus to a heaven they have no concept of.

SEARCH “These works are catalytic and intended to help individuals shift their consciousness in order to more effectively access llminal own spiritual purpose, particularly as it relates to the discovery of the Grand Portal. Greetings Welcome to WingMakersBlog! In fact, these bodies on this earth will not function in heaven, they are too dense.

Collectively, these species represent the cellular structure of First Source, while the individuated consciousness represents the indivisible particle thereof. These ones think they serve a God they have NO understanding of, and thus serve the dark folks agenda around the existence of Israel. The species of a particular planet has a unique ascension path and evolutionary track in order to become an interdimensional force.

The second impression of the teachings is made available to select students who have been identified as architects of the Grand Portal discovery. This activity re-grids the collective heart and connective mind to the emerging culture of the one, unified planet moving in the upward spiral of the seven dimensional hypersphere in which all beings within its quantum and space-time presence are unified with the planet, and the planet with the Central Sun. We are certainly in a period of Attestation.

There are lots of documentaries coming out now on these type of topics.