Lexmark X L’imprimante multifonctionnelle couleur Lexmark X avec les Add. Twin-Pack #28, #29 Black and Colour Return Program Print Cartridges For more information on how page yields are determined, please Learn more. On the Lexmark website under Drivers & Downloads find the X all-in-one series, to b (or 0xb) which is the PID for the Lexmark X (On the Eee PC, you can also add the printer via the Printers icon on the. Recent Lexmark X All-In-One Printer questions, problems & answers. I went back to check if the program was still there in the add/remove and it was.

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I also have this same problem any help would be great.: I’m hoping it doesn’t matter on the X series as an alignment sheet can be printed by holding the scan button for 3 seconds, then place it on the scanner glass and press the button again.

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It won’t ask for the root password during the install process. If error continues, please contact Lexmark technical support for additional assistance. Hi, I’m a new Ubuntu Your printer will then print a page forcing ink through the cartridge nozzles and clean them.

On the next page, in the Device dropdown list, select: It closes immediately and Add-ns couldn’t copy and paste the error text, so I’m not sure what happened. I can do everything up to: Now add the printer using the CUPS interface. Honestly, I’m thinking my troubles lie in the fact that the “server” is Windows XP, due to the fact that before today I couldn’t use the printer with anything but Windows. It is a nice light duty printer, and as long as I can get ink for it I would like to keep using it.


I’ve been trying forever to get my damn Lexmark X working with Ubuntu and with this solution I finally got it to work! Can anyone shed any light!? I selected yes, did a manual reboot and everything is clean.

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Can you please provide me some informations about what should i do exactly in here. I know its an ancient printer, but it works great for me. When printing over the network, my Ubuntu box gives me an error.

I have contacted Lexmark support about this issue, and asd-ins be starting a new thread about it as well.

This will allow the installer to run. I was trying to install the script but, there is an error that says the CUPS is not the last version, it needs the 1.

Hopefully it can be resolved. Answered on Sep 07, I’ve just started learning ubuntu.

I hope this helps anyone sharing the same headaches as I’ve been experiencing. Answered on Jun 01, Sometimes you can shut off the computer and printer for 20 min and start it up again.

Dit is omgerekend op basis van translate. Then open a terminal and enter the following: Any printjobs lexmadk canceled. When you get to the point where it asks you to connect the printer, do so. Posted on Jan 24, Be x250 first to answer. Trouble is, I usually have it connected to a laptop that serves as a print server. Please assign your manual to a product: I guess what I’m asking is if someone can spell out exactly what I’m supposed to type to get through the root password thing so I can continue installing the driver for my x Hi, thanks this worked perfectly for me!


Has anybody found a solution? Finally click on ads-ins Test Page” and keep your fingers crossed I’ve managed everything up until going into the CUPS interface Thanks Joedulin, but I tried the sudo thing and still had no luck.

Posted on Nov 01, Be the first to answer. There are a couple threads on the forums about this not always easy to find but the short answer is add-nis installer must be run as root.

Am I just missing something incredibly obvious? I haven’t got it running yet having troubles with the cups 1.

Answered on May 30, Has anybody else had similar problems? Answered on Aug 06, Answered on Aug 14,