*Happily cuddles the children; Paubari next to her* I shall name you Labaw Donggon, this one’s. Humadapnon and you, Dumalapdap. Buyung Paubari: My dear. The musical revolves around Labaw Donggon, a demigod in an epic poem called the Hinilawod from the island of Panay in the Philippines. It chronicles his . Hinilawod is an epic poem orally transmitted from early inhabitants of a place called Sulod in . When he reached adulthood, Labaw Donggon, the eldest of the triplets, decided to go on a quest to find himself a wife. He heard of the beauty of.

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The monster guarded the ridge that led to the place where the maiden lived.

For seven years, Humadapnon and his crew were lagaw in the island until Nagmalitong Yawa helped them escape by disguising as a boy. The monster howled in pain, causing an earthquake that broke the ridge they were fighting in into two. Together they traveled the same path that Labaw Donggon took.

This time he chooses a married woman, Malitung Yawa Sinagmaling Diwata, “who resides where the brilliant light of the sun starts,” for she is the wife of Saragnayan, who takes charge of the course of the sun. Launsina, the demigoddess mother of the epic hero. The young demigod then challenged Saragnayan to a duel.

Labaw Donggon | Rocel Mae –

When the triplets were born, the couple called them Labaw Dongon, Humadapnon and Dumalapdap. When he reached adulthood, Labaw Donggon, the eldest of the triplets, decided to go on a quest to find himself a wife. After the wedding, Labaw Donggon and his new bride started their journey back to his home. However, Saragnayan could still not die. Learn this Filipino word: The cultural group, Panayana performed the epic before the representatives of the First Lady and the high officials of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

He brought with him xonggon boatful of crew. Thereafter, the demigod went on third quest to the Eastern Sky. Help Center Find new research papers in: However, given this fact about a process one undergoes before marrying, in a feministic view, women are somehow treated unlikely as another party will, then, be involved or more likely another wife will then come into the picture even though the first wife and the husband just got married for a month or a week.


The production was revised to include the participation of then year-old Manilyn “Tata” Glemer, donggkn member of the Panay Bukidnon tribe in Tapaz, Capiz. During the ritual, Bungot-Banwa burned some alanghiran fronds and a pinch of kamangyan incense in an altar that he made himself. Returning the following year with a radio technician from Central Philippine Universityhe then recorded a portion of the story on tape in Fortunately for Alunsina and her husband, her sister, Suklang Malayon Goddess and Guardian of Happy Homes discovered the evil plot and warned them of it.

Hinilawod is an epic poem orally transmitted from early inhabitants of a place called Sulod in central PanayPhilippines. An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances and diverse events,attracted over 15, visitors from 71 countries. Labaw Donggon is one of three handsome sons of the “diwata” Abyang Alunsina and her mortal dojggon Buyung Paubari, the other two being Humadapnon and Dumalapdap.

But though Labaw Donggon submerges Saragnayan into the water for seven years labae puts him on top of a stone and beats him with coconut trunks, he cannot kill Saragnayan. The two still fought for many years until finally, Labaw Donggon weakened. Labaw Donggon’s brothers return him home to his wives. Labaw Donggon won the hand of the legendary Anggoy Doronoon, with little difficulties, and also took her home to his mother. Humadapnon brought his wife back to Panay.

WSD|Labaw Donggon

He dresses up and asks his mother for his poisoned arrow “which with one shot pierces through seven men. By using this site, you agree to the Terms dohggon Use and Privacy Policy. Enchanted with the story, Humadapnon started on a quest to seek the goddess’ hand in marriage.

Humadapnon had to kill an eight-headed serpent in his pursuit of Nagmalitong Yawa. Humadapnon and Nagmalitong Yawa were married soon after in Halawod. Jump to main menu bar. During the wedding feast, a guest minstrel sang and paid tribute to the beauty of Burigadang Pada Sinaklang Bulawan, the Goddess of Wealth and Greed. In the epic, it is a systematic process, thus, it’s quite a long journey, but the way it is presented, it is of direct to the point.


They returned to the plains and settled near the mouth of the Halawod River after the flood has subsided and lived in secrecy. Buyung Baranugon finally kills Saragnayan by plunging poisoned arrows on both Saragnayan’s eyes. Using his “pamlang” magical charmLabaw Donggon built a giant house with ten roof-tops and a hundred doors without difficulty.

After the victory,Buyung Baranugon and Aso Mangga failed to find their father, who hid under a fishnet, while the fight was ongoing, out of fear.

Humdapnon was visited by his spirit friends Taghoy and Duwindi in his dream and told him of lovely maiden who lived in a village by the mouth of the Halawod River.

The Epic of Labaw Donggon

Garangan in Calinog’s mountainous areas. The first object lahaw his affections is Abyang Ginbitinan, who lives “by the mouth of Handog, by the river Halawud.

Sincethe late-January Hirinugyaw-Suguidanonay Festival of the town of Calinog in Central Panay which started in as an adaptation of the Dinagyang Festival where it was then known as the Sirinayawthen Hirinugyaw Festival has used segments and tales of the Hinilawod as performance themes of its competing tribes.

Buyung Saragnayan played an important symbolism in the epic for he is somehow interpreted as the things that Labaw Donggon needed to change, the mistakes and wrong doings that he has done.

They landed on an island that was inhabited by beautiful women and headed by the sorceress, Ginmayunan. This is done, the dowry is agreed upon and given, the wedding is held. Labaw Donggon then tied Saragnayan on top of a rock, and beat him hard with a coconut trunk; however Saragnayan still lived.

Jocano was then introduced to Udungan’s niece, mountain singer named Hugan-an, who, after much cajoling, allowed herself to be taped recounting both her story and the Hinilawod.