La Dirigenza Infermieristica Calamandrei Ebook Download by Vietndorit, released 30 March La Dirigenza Infermieristica Calamandrei Ebook Download. “Carlo Calamandrei – “La dirigenza infermieristica”. 3 likes. Book. Get this from a library! La dirigenza infermieristica: manuale per la formazione dell’infermiere con funzioni manageriali. [Carlo Calamandrei; Carlo Orlandi].

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La Dirigenza Infermieristica Calamandrei Ebook Download | mehrkindmerneo

Information on the course unit. Target skills and knowledge: Applying knowledge and understanding: The student will be able to choose and apply appropriate intervention to prevent occupational diseases. The dirkgenza will be able to choose and apply appropriate intervention to prevent adverse events to the patients. The exam will be agreed with the teacher at the beginning of the respective course.

Questionnaire with multiple-choice and open-ended questions.

Production of a written paper in which it is innfermieristica Organizational criticality and dirigenzs it is identified; Related organizational analysis; The improvement factors considered; A possible solution; A hypothetical implementation program of the solution itself; Outcomes and their measurement. Presentation – through oral presentation with possible multimedia support – of the project’s highlights, discussion and interaction with the teacher.

The student’s ability to argue about the issues raised and analyzed during the lectures of the various teachers will be evaluated. Definition, historical perspective, scope.

Organization of prevention in the work place: Organizational and managerial tools. Evaluation of occupational risks: Definition of hazard and risk, principles of risk evaluation, quantification of hazards and methodology of risk evaluation; safety limits for health infermueristica.


Risks and occupational diseases in health care work: Chemical, physical, biological agents; sensitizing and carcinogenic agents; cxlamandrei and organizational risks. Methods of study infrrmieristica health, basic physiology of pregnancy, regulatory issues. General principles; reporting, recognition and compensation of occupational diseases. Definitions, historical perspective, scope Models of accident causation Dirigenzz human factor, latent and active failures, defences, the Swiss cheese model.

Adverse events in patients, medical errors. Reporting system, surgical safety, inpatient fall prevention, infections prevention. Ethical and safety principles for medical research Declaration of Helsinki, Good Clinical Practice rules. Medico-legal aspect of damage. Offenses against the person with particular reference to medical-legal issues related to murder crimes, suicide murders, instigating suicide, infanticide, beatings, personal injury, sexual assault.

Causality in legal medicine. The appraisal of the cause of the case for commencement and omission of acts The assessment of the behavior in terms of professional liability.

39339 – Health Care Management & Organisational Models (CE)

Regulatory references and exemplification of causes of medical and legal interest. Criteria for reasoning for causality. The regulations on support administration L. The legislation on the social protection of maternity and voluntary interruption of pregnancy. Issues related to organ sirigenza.

La dirigenza infermieristica: Carlo Calamandrei, Carlo Orlandi: : Books

The professional responsibility of health professionals. Information and informed consent to medical act. Gender differences in all fields of medicine in particular the consequences of cardiovascular disease, cognitive deficits, arthrosis and osteoporotic disease, depression, colorectal and colon cancer Gender Impact Differences on Risk Factor relative to the Cardiovascular System Factors that affect different trajectories of men and women in determining longevity.


Clinical bioethics dirigemza in an aging world with discussion of clinical cases Cognitive and Rehabilitative Approach to Cwlamandrei Planned learning activities and teaching methods: The meetings with the teacher include, in addition to the frontal lessons with illustrations of case-studies by examplesthe possibility of integrated lessons with other universities and foreign teachers. Any exercises can be offered after the teacher’s evaluation. Infermierietica addition to the tutorship of the University, no other specific teaching support activities are envisaged.

There may be some distance learning activities. Additional notes about suggested reading: Slides presented at lesson. Saia, Medicina del Lavoro. Reason, Managing the risks of organizational accidents. Antonello Zangrandi, Economia e Management per le professioni sanitarie.

First cycle degree courses. Second cycle degree courses. Single cycle degree courses. Department of Molecular Medicine. Clinical bioethics issues in an aging world with discussion of clinical cases Cognitive and Rehabilitative Approach to Alcoholism.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods:. Textbooks and optional supplementary readings.