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Please help me to farming, seed, process of farming, after product ,saling place etc. I am thinking a lot, if require will visit your place and share your knowledge.

Profitability and productivity of potato (Solanum tuberosum) in Baglung district, Nepal

In February this year, a gathering of about 4, farmers was organised at Sonipat. It is only when I am 60 per cent sure of getting returns, do I take 40 per cent risk,” he says. Leo 3 years ago Reply.

I have 5 acre land in Agra. Ministry of Agricultural Development, Department…. He makes use of good marketing tactics to exploit the high premium on organic food.

Chirag Bhatia 8 months ago Reply. Setting up the plant cost him krisshi Rs 1 lakh. The club is following group certification scheme where rich farmers will subsidise the certification process of the poor ones.


Dear sir I want you to meet me I need some knowledge about organic farming Sachin.

Ayush Chaudhary 2 years ago Reply. The gas is then used in his personal kitchen, and also used to run the fodder-cutting machine. But Ramesh Chander Dagar has made this proposition into a reality.

Could you please give your mobile number. I want to adopt organic farming. Unmesh Pawar 2 years ago Reply. Finally it approached a Gurgaon-based private company for certification. And I decided to go in for water harvesting, which also gives immediate benefits. I am searching for new modern technical ways to transform my farm into organic farm.

Small farms can be profitable

The company should start work within a month. The mrishi power is used to recharge batteries of the household inverter. Showing of 21 references. Another agrocycle at the farm is dairy, biogas and composting.

The potato produced in these VDCs has good market reputation and is the major source of income. I have good Land and water facilities near roorkee.

The arecanuts completly gone b’cause of highest summer. Since the plant has medicinal value, it has a huge international market,” he says. The farmland resembles the laboratory of any agricultural scientist. It is considered as a major crop in cropping pattern of the majority of the households in Bobang and Tara VDC of Baglung district. Basant Kumar Bangar 2 years ago Reply. I do not understand why everyone is running after a job?


I have 5 acres land in haryana and i want to realize my interest of organic farming on my land. Sunil Kumar 2 years ago Reply. Digvijay Singh Tomar one year ago Reply. Most farmers avoid having such a pond since that would eat away precious agricultural land.

Thank you for this useful information. Chittaranjan Sharma one year ago Reply. My mobile number is Sir, I have interest for organic farming and fishery but export certification is problem. His total annual income from honey is Rs 4 lakh. Mohit Dalal one year ago Reply. Great article and encouraging one to those who are thinking of agriculture as a career Posted by: Also the honey produced has great demand.

Almost all seasonal vegetables, fruits, paddy, wheat, mushroom and flowers are grown organically in Dagar’s farm. The initiative started by Mr Dagar has to spread throughout India. Let us look at the cycle of vermicomposting followed in Dagar’s farm. Can I visit your firm if you permit for education and knowledge. I would be obliged and greatful.