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The KCT is a complete current-gain preamp. They then bench test the entire amplifier as an assembled whole on the same pieces of test equipment into multiple simulated loads. Obviously we feel that our preamp is the best mate because they meet our design criteria, but I suspect every manufacturer feels that way. Dual volt electric lines required! At the present time, the next run of s will be at the end of or the beginning of But why is that? What musical passages, at what SPL, require that much voltage?

Are your customers at all concerned about being Green?

Boulder intended for the amps to be placed with the power buttons on the inside edge, but some people prefer them reversed. The has a THD spec of 0. All of the exiting wires are secondaries.

Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t – it all depends on the overall circuit topology for bass control and damping, not just the power output capability. They’re frivolous and have nothing to do with the reproduction of music other than to distract you from mraa sound that’s being created. Because we occupy a place in the audio industry where we already make gear at the very top of the performance ladder, we have a much easier time making products at this level than a company that makes value-oriented or budget gear.


Krell MRA Amplifiers

Some things, like certain ICs, simply aren’t available as a US made product, but we source anything and everything from locally or from the US whenever we can.

Do you intend to make a commitment to DVD-A? And I kra that home-theater customers are very likely to buy one brand right through the product line. Why did you decide to develop a full-range speaker? And how much time do you personally spend on engineering? If the volume is low and the speaker efficient, not much.

Announced at the Consumer Electronics Show, Boulder already has sold over a dozen [a dozen! Do speaker cables matter?

FRANK ACOUSTICS: Krell MRA master reference

Then, five or six years later, we started petitioning them, asking, “Did you ever fix that device? As long as we don’t editorialize or try to change the qualities of the recording in any way, our amps should be musical.

And then, between Krell and Krell Digital, you suddenly found yourself with nearly two dozen products—so many they added up to a problem. Not everyone does this – some manufacturers choose parts based on their “sound” or “voice” their equipment because they like a certain kind of flavor or coloration overlaid on the music or like kdell music to be presented a certain way. How many volts do cone speakers need?

Do NOT however, plug and unplug connections with these amplifiers on. Our thought is that every recording should sound different because every recording is different.


Krell MRA in like new condition most powerful amplifier [Expired]

Mea of our kerll for the last 10 years have been really serious current-mode designs. Hi-res digital that’s bit-perfect in comparison to the original master, big advances in digital conversion, new analog parts that allow us to do things better than ever before are all becoming available.

Otherwise the amps are unaffected by any sort of placement issue. It allows us to get wider bandwidth through the signal path, even though the circuits themselves are a little more complicated and require more parts. Residential dryers don’t play loud musical peaks!

Krell MRA Amplifiers user reviews : 5 out of 5 – 2 reviews –

We’re the last high-end electronics manufacturer that cuts and finishes our own metal and makes our own circuit boards. That would depend on usage how much it gets usedlistening habits how loud it gets played and associated equipment speaker choice and room size.

In a kfell of areas, we couldn’t. With the research and care that goes into buying a product like this, however, Boulder suspects that there will not be any returns. It would be very difficult for us to mount such an effort.

If a relatively neutral cable is used, that will be also. Warranty is five 5 years, part and labor.