Wicksell’s most influential contribution was his theory of interest, originally published in German language as Geldzins. Wicksell was born on 20 December in Stockholm, the youngest of six children. His parents died while he was still young but left sufficient funds to secure. Interest and Prices (Geldzins und Guiterpreise): A Study of the Causes. Regulating the Value of Money. By KNUT WICKSELL. Translated from the German by.

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Savers lose income and responsible borrowers lose opportunities. History of wiclsell thought History of macroeconomic thought Economics Mainstream economics Heterodox economics Post-autistic economics Degrowth World-systems theory Economic systems.

Wicksell – Interest and Prices – Political Economy

Since deposits constitute part of real money balances, therefore the bank can, in essence, “create” money. Money is not a “veil” — agents do react to it and prces is not due to some irrational “money illusion”. This theory was adopted by the Austrian Schoolwhich theorized that an economic boom happened when the interest rate fell short of the natural rate.

It is the interaction between the bank rate of interest and the natural rate that determines price movementsthat is inflation or deflation. The money rate, in turn, is the loan rate, an entirely financial construction. Break up the to big to fail monsters and let banking be banking. Interesf draw conclusions based on the bank rate of interest. The English translation Interest and Prices became available in ; a literal translation of the original title would read Money Interest and Commodity Prices.


There are thousands of good banks in the US that act as banks not casinos.

Retrieved from ” https: Previous Post Previous Is deflation bad? The effect could be, no matter how much the government tried to prime the pump it will not work, because the real rate of interest is stuck below zero.

For simplification we can say the profit rate. Banks provide credit, after all, by creating deposits upon which borrowers can draw. From the great but forgotten Stockholm school of economics Knut Wicksell was a 19th century Swedish economist who attempted to explain the paradoxical relationship between low-interest rate environments and wickse,l. Wicksell’s theory of the “cumulative process” of inflation remains the first decisive swing at the idea of money as a “veil”.

He was married to the noted feminist Anna Bugge.

Interest And Prices

Therefore, the economy would have deflation. Volume 3, Issue 3, September This page was last edited on 7 Novemberat Again the real rate of interest is below zero. And even worse they result in an unfair reallocation of resources not based on value and productivity, not a reinforcement of the haves at the expense inherest the have nots. I will explain it in terms of a simple model put forth in the economic theory of Knut Wicksell.

This was the case in post Civil War America and the Great Depression, there is a wicksel where no matter how far interest rates the bank rate mind you falls, deflation continues and the economy is not moving.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Primarily, Say’s Law is violated and abandoned by the wayside. However, the reason central bankers do not like deflation is they feel it can suppress demand.

Just like credit cards are issued by banks, so banks could issue money. I currently am leaning towards ending the Federal Reserve. Woodford calls his own framework ‘neo-Wicksellian’, and he titled his textbook wicksel monetary policy in homage to Wicksell’s work. They have rpices or made worse every business cycle since their start. Namely, when real aggregate supply does constrain, inflation results because capital goods industries cannot meet new real demands for capital goods by entrepreneurs by increasing capacity.

Forcing money to perpetuate malinvestment that would other wise be available is the best way to keep the recession from ending.

Knut Wicksell

The Fed has simply manipulated rates and transfers money from the responsible to the irresponsible and interdst big to fail. The money supply is regulated by market forces and not government control over the money supply. In the following years, his interests began to shift toward the social sciences, particularly economics.