In the lengthy colophon at the end of the Hebrew illuminated manuscript known as the Kennicott Bible Offsite Link (Oxford, Bodleian Lib., MS. Kenn. 1) the scribe . We offer 1 facsimile edition of the manuscript “Kennicott Bible”: The Kennicott Bible facsimile edition, published by Facsimile Editions Ltd. – London, Label. loading. About. The Kennicott Bible. The Kennicott Bible is the most lavishly illuminated. Hebrew Bible to survive from medieval Spain and. Highlights .

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One of the oldest Italian paper mills was commissioned to produce a paper with the unique transparency, presence and feel of parchment which took more than a year to develop.

This is the only work associated with or signed by ibn Hayyim. Enter your username and password here in order to log in on the website:. We use UPS for most of our deliveries and can usually provide an international overnight service at no additional charge. The cost of parchment being high, the scribe could not afford to throw it away so he would carefully circumscribe it in the text. The paper used for this facsimile edition was produced by one of the oldest Italian paper mills.

ISBN 0 Price: Zaraba was supported in his work on the bible by the painter Joseph Ibn Hayyim. eknnicott

Kennicott Bible « Facsimile edition

With Pearson as executor, she left property from the Chamberlayne estate in Norfolk to endow the two Hebrew scholarships at Oxford, mentioned above.

The manuscript, executed at a time when Jews — targeted by the Spanish Inquisition — were constantly harassed until their final expulsion inshows the significance of perpetuating the Jewish heritage with the creation of lavishly made manuscripts. Whether the facsimile is intended as a gift to an institution or a private individual, our calligrapher can inscribe a beautifully illuminated gift certificate with an inscription of your choice.


No effort was spared in reproducing the cut-out paste-downs which decorate the inside front and back covers, both of which are painted beneath intricate cut-out interlacing bands. In order bble reveal up to 24 different colours applied by the artist in a single square inch of design, computer-controlled laser scanners were used to produce the first colour separations.

The carpet pageswhich additionally decorate the manuscript, round out this accomplished picture!

The Kennicott Bible

To fully enjoy our site, please consider enabling JavaScript. Kennicott 1 The most exquisite of all Hebrew bibles, written and illuminated in medieval Spain injust 16 years before the Expulsion. Grafiche Milani, then under the direction of Luigi Canton regarded the reprinting of the manuscript as a supreme challenge in which the entire workforce would strive to produce kemnicott book of unparalleled, consummate beauty.

Moses Ibn Zabara Illuminator: The materials thus collected, when arranged and prepared for the press, extended to 30 volumes. For Psalms, he adopted an older tradition, whereby combinations of long and short lines, centred and right-justified lines, are arranged in single columns. The Kennicott Bible London: Notify me of new posts by email. Together they created a true masterpiece of medieval Spanish illumination in the Kennicot Bible! He wrote the Bible for Isaac, son of Solomon di Braga.

Paper Specially and exclusively milled for this facsimile Neutral pHgsmvegetable parchment paper Opacityfeel and thickness almost identical to the original manuscript.

Binding description Fortunately, the binding has survived the centuries and it is as lavish as the manuscript itself for it is a morocco goatskin box binding, blind-tooled on all six sides and embellished with cut-out endpapers echoing the intricate motifs of the carpet pages dividing the Bible into its 3 main sections.

As an acknowledgement of this, one of the most exceptional manuscripts of medieval Spain bears his name! Finding a binder to accurately copy the binding of the original manuscript was not easy. The manuscript is preserved in the Bodleian Library. Not what you were looking for? Before this appeared he had written two dissertations entitled The State of the Printed Hebrew Text of the Old Testament consideredpublished respectively in andwhich were designed to combat contemporary ideas as to the “absolute integrity” of the received Hebrew text.


The Kennicot Bible | Home

He was also a canon of Christ Church, Oxfordand rector of Culham in Oxfordshireand was subsequently given the living of MenheniotCornwallwhich he was unable to visit and resigned two years before his death.

Written and illuminated in the last quarter of bivle 15th centurythe codex is named after Benjamin Kennicottthe English Hebraist who continued the English tradition of studying the Hebrew bible, spending his life comparing textual variants of hundreds of Hebrew manuscripts worldwide. Amen, God grant that it be so. The Importance of the Jewish Heritage The manuscript, executed at a time when Jews — targeted by the Spanish Inquisition — were constantly harassed until their final expulsion inshows the significance of perpetuating the Jewish heritage with the creation of lavishly made manuscripts.

King David on his throne, Jonah being swallowed by a fish, or Balaam as an astrologer consulting an astrolabeare but a few of the text illustrations in the Kennicott Bible. The hole in the facsimile was cut in exactly the same position as the hole in the manuscript. Comments There are no comments yet. The paper is so close in appearance and feel to real parchment that it leads many experts believe it to be the real thing!

Looking for the price? She survived him by eknnicott years, dying in The edition is strictly limited to numbered and 50 ad personam copies.