Author(s): Karen Barad: Published: July Pages: Illustrations: 1 table, . physicist and feminist theorist, elaborates her theory of agential realism. diffraction. e flesh out Barad’s o erarching position of ‘agential realism’, hich contains a New Materialism; Karen Barad; Cultural Theory; Ethics; Ontology;. As developed by Karen Barad, agential realism is a performative theory of the irreducible entanglement of matter and discourse that relates knowing and being .

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Anna Mudde, Karen Barad’s Agential Realism and Reflexive Epistemic Authority – PhilPapers

This can be seen in a pair of sentences from early in Chapter Undermining treats individual objects as too shallow to be the truth and seeks to replace them either with a micro-army of tinier things or a primordial lump of indeterminate flux. Ellen Berry and Carol Siegel. Above all, Barad rejects “the common-sense view of representationalism—the belief that representations serve a mediating function between knower and known” It is also the opposite of the sense employed by present-day speculative realism, which is opposed above all to the constant correlation cf.

Self-Knowledge in a Natural World. Thus, apparatuses, which produce phenomena, are not assemblages of humans and nonhumans as in actor-network theory.

Duke University Press, First the world is depicted as a highly differentiated, overmined landscape of performative, intra-active, and entangled apparatuses configured into specific phenomena through agential cuts.

That is, both accounts honor the nature-culture binary to different degrees ” Barad, —6.

Wilson, Feminist Review Blog. Abential a reading list or add to an existing list. Naturalcultural Forces and Changing Topologies of Zgential 7. These philosophers are said to have a realist rea,ism ” DeLanda, 4. Yet curiously enough, Barad rejects the centrality of language for the opposite reason: This could be some physical element water, air, fire or multiple elements mixed by love and hateit could be some pre-objective and pre-individual lump able to become and absorb all things the famous apeiron of Anaximander and othersor it could be atoms of various shapes agetial sizes swirling through the void and forming compound things Leucippus and Democritus.


Although undermining works validly in many cases as when correctly reducing “morning star” and “evening star” to the planet Venusit fails as a global debunking effort that seeks to reduce everything to a pampered caste of tiniest particles or primordial structural fields.

This leads to the strange result that, from Barad’s standpoint, someone who believes in the existence of tables and chairs as irreducible to their subcomponents—such as me see Harman, The Quadruple Object —and kqren who thinks that tables and chairs are ontological frauds that must be eliminated in favour of the simplest physical particles of which they are built—such as Peter van Inwagen see van Inwagen, Material Beings —are both adherents of “atomism.

Agential Realism – New Materialism

I doubt that Barad overstates the case, since if one were to accept her ontology, there would indeed be significant consequences in all of these areas. From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy pdcnet.

Meeting the Universe Halfway 39 2.

The complex interaction among multiple forces discursive, material, political and a range of other forces forming the social and the subjective, as Michel Foucault realisn with his conceptualization of the dispositif the apparatusspawns and reconfigures in the new materialist and post-human thinking. Find it on Scholar.


Meeting the Universe Halfway | Duke University Press

In post-human and new materialist thinking, matter is instead regarded as always already entangled with discourse in the enactment of phenomena; a point that Karen Agentia and agential realism emphasizes with the conceptualization of onto-epistemology. The second half of the essay criticizes Barad for conflating two entirely different senses of the word “atomism,” leading to difficult consequences for her philosophy.

This is an important, ambitious, readable, risk-taking, and very smart book, one to savor and grow with.

Quantum Physics and the Entanglement of Matter and Meaning. Title of ahential journal article or book chapter and title of journal or title of book 3. Even if we ignore the vastly different meanings of “realism” in politics, mathematics and literature, the strictly philosophical uses of the term already seem to be scattered across the map.

Pollock – – Realisj Quentin Smith ed. She provides an excellent overview of science studies.

Karen Barad

Barad’s original training was in theoretical physics. Chapter 4, “Agential Realism” — Meillassoux wishes to emphasize that it is “work in progress. New materialism, the ontological turn, the post-human — all are designations indicating theoretical developments born out of poststructuralist traditions.

Karen Barad – – In Deborah Orr ed. This is the ultimate problem with Barad’s abandonment of things in favour of intra-active phenomena: Marianne Janack – – Hypatia 12 2: