The Kalalau Trail is a trail along Nā Pali Coast of the island of Kauai in the state of Hawaii. The trail runs approximately 11 miles (18 km) along the island’s north. The last time I hiked the Kalalau Trail, I took my GPS to record the trail and make a map of it. If you have Google Earth installed, click this link to. One of the best hikes on Kauai, the Kalalau Trail is an mile trek located on the famous NaPali Coast on the Kalalau Trail Elevation Map.

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A guy from Oahu wrote to tell me he blogged about his day-hike to Kalalau and back that link takes a while to load. It was all worth the pristine beauty of the Kalalau Valley! Wild goats are often seen along the trail route. Any further along the trial and you need a permit to continue. Miles 3 and 4 ascend into a couple smaller valleys and eventually hike to the Hanakoa camp.

Yes, there is enough water along the way, unless you drink more than 1L per mile—I sweat a lot, and even Kallau get by with a 1. Will more permits be issued at a later time? For most backpackers in good condition hiking the 11 miles will take a full day.

Great scenery right from the start, which improves the further you get into the hike.

I am taking the trail on August 31st and looking for someone to go with. From 8 mile, it is only 2 more miles to Kalalau Beach.

Na Pali Coast (Kalalau) Trail [CLOSED] – Hawaii | AllTrails

We reached the parking lot at and there was plenty of room in the farther second lot, but this fills up fast and people start parking along the road. Many water sources, so use iodine. This includes the first two miles of the trail. Known for its beauty and danger, the Kalalau Trail follows the rugged coastline on the north-west shore of the garden island of Hawaii, and eventually ends at the secluded Kalalau Beach. I have a slight fear of heights myself but honestly have never found Crawler’s Ledge hard to cross.


The Huffington Post named the hike “the most incredible” and “epic” trail in the United States, citing its impressive views of the Rtail Ocean, beaches, and valleys.

Swimming or wading can be dangerous, however, and is not recommended. Only did the first two miles to beach, full of gorgeous views the whole way. Follow the link to read more about Camping on Kalalau Beach. I made these mwp for my own enjoyment, and to help people plan their own hikes. Permits are currently not for sale. Ttrail that is the abundance of mountain apples at Mile 4, the small campsite surrounded by mango trees after the hot and dry Mile 7, the small stream dotted with elephant ears at Mile 9, or the occasional egg fruit in Kalalau Valley.

The Hanakapiai Falls Trail learn more. The Hanakoa Falls is a gigantic waterfall that crashes into a large secluded fresh water pond. There is often strong undertow, rip currents, a dangerous shore break, and the reflection of the surf jap the rock walls of the shoreline creates irregular and unpredictable waves.

We stopped a kslalau to enjoy, sit in the streams, take pictures, and enjoy the views. Outfitting for a day backpacking trip is a skill in itself.


Na Pali Coast (Kalalau) Trail [CLOSED]

The path can also become loose and crumbly. Hanakapiai Beach learn more. Permits are required to continue past this point of the Kalalau Trail and it also starts to becomes more overgrown and less maintained from here. Check out these Kauai hiking trail information links and get ready to explore! After the first leg of the climb, at about half a mile, you emerge on a red dirt path that borders the cliffside overlooking the gorgeous NaPali Coast.

A liter of water can be sterilized in a couple of minutes. In August According to the Kauai Police Department, a hiker died when he fell over the edge and kqlalau on the rocks roughly 50 feet below. You’ve climbed to the highest point between Kee and Hanakapiai; about ft. Your email address will not be published. The hike out of Hanakapiai is a rather arduous climb and the views are mostly behind you kap sure to look behind you at the beach as you climb.

Kauai Hiking Maps

At kakalau the 4. The Kauai Hiking Maps are further down the page below. To continue along the Kalalau trail from Hanakoa camp, follow the signage towards Kalalau beach. Parts of lalalau trail here can be steep, so use caution. Leptospirois is a long bacteria, but only 1 micron in diameter, so theoretically it could go through a 1 micron filter still the smallest on the market I believe.

Take two weeks if you need to. Wish we had brought backpacking gear to do the whole thing!