jPOS is an ISO library/framework that can be used to At some point, it will replace the jPOS Programmer’s Guide as well as the jPOS-EE. Hello everybody Does anybody have “JPOS Programmer’s guide”? please assist Marudut P. Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. ISO jPOS Bridge Configuration Guide. ServiceVirtualization.

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Search everywhere only in this topic.

very hard to follow the programmers guide

I am very new to jpos. Here my observations after i ordered the programmers guide.

Even the ones it references are nowhere to guuide found. I understand it takes time to make these documents but also understand our frustrations when there is no single line of working samples coming with this document. The document is full of snippets. But you need to provide a zip file containing all these samples in a working condition.

iso – Looking for JPOS Tutorial – Stack Overflow

It will take the guest work from people coming first time to jpos. So these samples do not work in jpos6. For example the client simulator references a “org. TestRunner” which is nowehere in jpos6. To post to this group, send email to [hidden email] To unsubscribe from this group, send email to [hidden email] For more options, visit this group at http: One thing you can do is to get the corresponding version of jpos and try to make the examples work on that version and later try to upgrade, or you can wait until the next version of the programmer’s guide or you can try to figure out how to make the changes or ask here for the examples that doesn’t work.


TestRuner class is part of clientsimulator module of jposee. See some previous questions and answers about how to download jposee.

If you feel it is hard to get started you can contribute by adding a wiki entry. I’m sure jpos will do so much for you that it worth it. The main difference between jpoos.

jPOS – Users – very hard to follow the programmers guide

Search gukde only in this topic Advanced Search very hard to follow the programmers guide. The first sample for example is not in jpos1.

Also i think as a beginner the first sample should be part of the chapter 1 after building jPos. The sample inside Q2 primer should be a little bit more advanced. Some people like me like to tinker first with samples and guiee go to the reference documentation for extending and advanced options.

The name of the document being a programmers guide i was expecting a howto or a step by step guide. It tries to be both but i gkide the only think missing now is an accompagning zip files containing all the samples. All the books have something like that to make the job of the nebies easier.


I am sure as well. I will try my best.

Hopefully we dont over document it in the wiki so much that people stop buying the guide! You want to guidw a command like this: Free forum by Nabble.