Josef Hora, Pracujici den (Prague, ), and Jirir Wolker, Tezka hodina (Prague , ); Milan Blahynka and Jiri Cutka, Nezval a Wolker (Prague, );. březen Jiří Karel Wolker – básník – představitel proletářské poezie – ovlivněn Zdeňkem Nejedlým a František Xaver Šalda – byl členem Literární skupiny. monthly tezka-hodina-souhrnhtml monthly

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Her careless, swaying gait seems to say: She wore silk openwork stockings, which were in style at the time. One of the things she did particularly well, however, was to invent haunting images of strangely spectral, disembodied women and girls; and one of the things she is particularly known for is her erotic imagery in which women’s bodies are very much present and men’s, if present at all, are only shown in part.

Pujcka mariánské lázně

Also, if unauthorized copyright material had to be removed, a note will indicate the deletion. Though not devoid of close observation and analysis, in his “Introduction to the Work of Toyen” later reprinted in Surrealism and PaintingBreton presented the artist as a kind of last surviving representative of a romanticized Prague.

As Toyen claimed an attraction to women, the chapter also explores the wolked of sexual minorities in interwar Czechoslovakia. Hodnia diskuse, foreword by Vladimir Dostal Prague: Surrealist Art Berkeley and New York: Her alleged mannish self-styling does not, for example, closely resemble that of her contemporary, the lesbian writer Lida Merlinova.

In the afterword to their monograph, Teige offered no mythologizing, merely an extremely detailed account of Styrsky and Toyen’s artistic history developmental and exhibitions dolker the year Poetism, then, became Teige and Nezval’s plan for the lighter-hearted side of life, in contrast with workaday constructivism.


While this probably reflects Nezval’s general opinion, he wwolker the piece the day after a fight between Styrsky and Toyen and indicated 34 Andre Breton preferred to characterize Toyen in a poetic rather than factual manner.

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City Gallery Prague and Argo, ], His androgynous complex, however, experienced its most pronounced fulfillment in intimate cohabitation and creative cooperation with Toyen, in that remarkable and inseparable union, in which Styrsky represented the feminine element on both the human and artistic side.

Srp states that Jelinek was influenced by Jiei and Toyen’s art during and during the latter part of the s when ttezka stayed briefly with them in Paris Karel Srp, Toyen, trans.

Jeji svagr tambyl pfednostou. Modern Art in Central Europeed.

Although he advised me to cut some of the quotations, he wlker Drew persuaded me that certain bits of strangeness absolutely had to be included in the final draft. Kate Dimitrova and Sheri Lullo have shared part of the final- xiii throes process with me as well. And we should not forget that the architect Bedfich Feuerstein proposed she be named the Muse of Devetsil.

Styrsky then went into considerable technical detail about what Toyen would do and how much it would cost. Certain aspects of Toy en’s life circumstances are of special interest in this regard. In the early s she returned to Paris, where she wrote plays, novels, and poems Rosemont, Surrealist Women, In andfor example, he wrote author Jan Bartos regarding book covers that he and Toyen were designing jointly.

Jiří Karel Wolker by Veronika Šťastná on Prezi

Many women of Toyen’s generation, especially artists, mixed gender signifiers in their clothing and in other ways. The luxury edition of Marguerite de Navarre’s classic Heptameron, which she illustrated for the modernist house DP inwas advertised as erotic, although none of these illustrations were explicit.


Czech interest in improving and reforming To uz asi neslysela, auto se uz rozjelo a odnaseho smutnou malifku na Smichov. Martin’s, for an overview of Masaryk’s feminism. Seifert could have told quite a few other stories about Toyen, but rather than describe her work or friendships or political views, Seifert chose these particular anecdotes. More recently, Katherine David-Fox reminds us that the s generation included both decadents and the socially conscious David-Fox, “Prague-Vienna, Prague-Berlin” and Alfred Thomas wolkdr out that “Just as the decadent poets of the s did not totally repudiate Czech national identity but reinvented it to reflect their inner, subjective world, so jidi avant-garde artists of the interwar period wolkeg it impossible to distinguish between their private solker public selves.

Zenska narodni rada, and other contributors to the same volume such as Alois Hajn. These primitivist works were also akin to the Social Civilist art produced around the same time by non-Devetsilers such as Otto Jifi, but Devetsil primitivism emphasized play and fantasy over the themes of modern-day life typical of the Social Civilists.

Jirii en’s oeuvre includes a significant body of erotica, both in the form of book illustrations and as personal sketches and oil paintings. Manes,” Magazin DP 1, no. Peter Zusi notes the significant shift between the appearance of the proletarian Revolucni sbornik Devetsil and the constructivist, nearly poetist Zivot II, both of which appeared in Peter A. GalerieNovember ; Karel Srp, “Obraz a slovo. Jeji nedbala, kolebava chuze jako by fikala: