Java JFileChooser example with topics on JButton, diifference between AWT and swing, JRadioButton, The object of JFileChooser class represents a dialog window from which the user can select file. It inherits . Computer Network tutorial. The JFileChooser Component is used to create a cross platform directory explorer that can be . Download the Eclipse project of this tutorial. Using JFileChooser: JFileChooser «Swing «Java Tutorial.

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To get the chosen file or directory, if you set up the file chooser to allow directory selectionscall the getSelectedFile method on the file chooser.

Java Swing – JFileChooser example

The program is responsible jfiilechooser implementing the custom task for which the file chooser was created. Here is a picture of a standard open dialog in the Java look and feel:. By default, a file chooser that has not been shown before displays all files in the user’s home directory.

Compile and run the example, jjfilechooser the example index. The example below shows how to achieve it using a custom FileNameExtensionFilter:. Here is the example’s implementation of the propertyChange method, which is the method called when a property change event is fired:. Here is the code from FileChooserDemo2 that brings up the file chooser dialog for the Attach task:.

Next you tune the File Chooser to display the title that you want, add a custom file filter, and integrate the File Chooser into your application. The File and String arguments, when present, provide the initial directory. Sets or obtains whether the AcceptAll file filter is used as an allowable choice in the choosable filter list; the default value is true.

The form should look like the following screenshot: In the File Filter dialog box, select Custom Code from the combobox. Mfilechooser course, you might also want to open or save the file by using one of the reader or writer classes provided by the Java platform.


Your program is responsible for doing something with the chosen file, such as opening or saving it. If those answers do not fully address your jrilechooser, please ask a new question. Using Swing Components Section: You can call other methods on the File object, such as getPathisDirectoryor exists to obtain information about the file.

See the example index for links to all the files required by this example.

External Tools and Services. In the example, the ImagePreview object itself registers for these events. The ImageFileView class shows a different icon for each type of image accepted by the image filter described previously.

filepath – How to choose file in java? – Stack Overflow

Notice that the two methods showOpenDialog jfilechopser showSaveDialog are similar, what makes the difference is how the developer handles each one.

Sets or obtains the property that determines whether automatic drag handling is enabled.

In the Properties window, enter Demo application for the Title property and press Enter to confirm. The file chooser fires a property change event when the user selects an item in the list. Aside from a previewer, probably the most common use for the accessory component is a panel with more controls on it such as checkboxes that toggle between features.

With this method we can limit the user to select either Directories only JFileChooser. The remainder of this section shows you the code that creates and customizes this file chooser. Resize the added component to make room for the text displayed by the File Chooser later. Remove the first and last lines of the code snippet that duplicate the existing ones in the source file. This question has been asked before and already has an answer.


Filters affect the list of files displayed by the file chooser. Examples and practices described in this page don’t take advantage of improvements introduced in later releases.

Show simple open file dialog using JFileChooser

Make sure the Menu Bar is selected before dragging another Menu Item there in order to have the latter added to the Menu Bar.

This question already has an answer here: Is there anything that should be done differently? A program can apply one or more file filters to a file chooser so that the chooser shows only some files.

This table shows the examples that use file choosers and points to where those examples are described. As you have seen, the JFileChooser class provides the showOpenDialog method for displaying an open dialog and the showSaveDialog method for displaying a save dialog.

How to Use File Choosers

Choose the Java category and the Java Application project type. Whenever you click the save button and select an existing file, this demo brings up the File Exists dialog box with a request to replace the file. ActionListener[]getActionListeners Returns an array of all the action listeners registered on this file chooser. This dialog disappears when the frame is minimized and reappears when the frame is maximized.

File[] getSelectedFiles Returns a list of selected files if the file chooser is set to allow multiple selection. The call to showOpenDialog appears in the actionPerformed method of the Open a File button’s action listener:.