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IRFUN Datasheet(PDF) – International Rectifier

DS – No Alarm when powered Off. Read times previous topic – next topic. When i disconnect 5V from VCC the alarm don’t works. I need an RTC or similar for wake up arduino from sleep.

Datasheet archive on 16-6-2011

I need setup an alarm or more i need 3 wake up daily programmable that wake up arduino from deep sleep power save. Can you help me please?

Thank you so much You need to tell us a lot more about your hardware configuration, and the circumstances in which this is happening. It’s also not clear whether you have written software, or whether you are asking how to write it.

Please don’t PM me with technical questions. Post them in the forum. Hi aarg, thank you for your response!

IRFU Datasheet(PDF) – International Rectifier

I thought that battery coin on RTC did work also alarms not only keep the correct time. I’m writing software but i need know a method for wake up arduino at specific time but with very low low power consumption. My hardware configuration is: What is the best solution? If this is on, the clock oscillator will stop when power is removed from the clock? Are the interrupt registers set correctly to enable an interrupt to happen?


Please post your code so we can look at it. Sadly, the DS does not check alarms when running on battery, only square waves can be enabled to work on battery with the BBSQW bit. So I believe the best you can do with the DS is to wake up your arduino every second with the 1Hz square wave of courseand turn on the Dataaheet so you can check if the alarm flag was set. Sorry I was completely wrong. The duty cycle would be very low, so irff9024 much average power consumption.

Is power that much of a concern that you cant leave 5 volts applied to the RTC so that its alarm function works? I bet it is only a few milli Amps. That’s disappointing that it won’t generate an interrupt pulse when on battery. The difference in the current draw between Vcc powered and battery is something like It’s normal to power these units down in low-power systems. But having to power the RTC up every second to check the dztasheet makes the alarm function superfluous for those systems.

You might as well just do the check in the uP code.

Datasheet archive on 25-9-2013

It might make more sense to ignore the RTC time registers and just use the square wave output to generate an interrupt for keeping the time in the uP code. Now with Dataheet Eagle board sizes!


Sounds to me that the bits are not getting set correctly in these 2 registers: Control Register 0Eh Bit 7: When set to logic 0, the oscillator is started. This bit is clear logic 0 when power is first applied. When EOSC is disabled, all register data is static. The A2IE bit is disabled logic 0 when power is first applied.

The A1IE bit is disabled logic 0 when power is first applied. Status Register 0Fh Bit 1: Alarm 2 Flag A2F. A logic 1 in the alarm 2 flag bit indicates that the time matched the alarm 2 registers. A2F is cleared when written to logic 0. This bit can only be written to logic 0. Attempting to write to logic 1 leaves the value unchanged.

Alarm 1 Flag A1F. A logic 1 in the alarm 1 flag bit indicates that the time matched the alarm 1 registers. A1F is cleared when written to logic 0.

CrossRoads, can you find the language in the datasheet that specifically says it works when powered down? Maybe I will test it. I have one wired up on a breadboard at the moment. I’m inclined to believe the bad news, because of the explanation of bit 6 of the control register, BBSQW: This bit is disabled logic 0 when power is first applied.