Thanks to the similarity of IntraWeb components to standard Delphi VCL components, the The core feature of the program is its ability to show a second page. I know than many of you here use Intraweb with NexusDb. My question is not related to NexusDb. What i need is to know how to show to the. Again I found the solution shortly after asking the question here.

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First, the grid component uses Delphi anchors all set to False to generate code that keeps it centered in the page, even if a user resizes the browser inrraweb. The code below works in my old IntraWeb version unknown but not in the new one.

Send a private message to dewaldv If you don’t have any active form, the application will be terminated. Writing a Component Editor.

OT: how to show a pdf with Intraweb ? – NexusDB Newsgroups

Payroll system The system is a comprehensive software for wages and HR agenda processing, created for the calculation of all types of wages.

The system is used to control access rights of individuals into specific parts of the company with a visualisation option.

If the menu items handle the OnClick event in the code, they become links at run time. The effect of this code is shown in Figure Show a web page within an IntraWeb form Hi guys Is there any way to embed a web browser within an Intraweb form intraweg display another site inside it?


Building IntraWeb Applications

Show a web page within an IntraWeb form. The Architecture of Delphi Applications. Moreover, the status of the components in a page is not automatically updated by writing event handlers, as in a standard IntraWeb program. This powerful component allows you to place within an HTML grid both text and other components. For example, if you set the Required property for a component, if the field is empty the data won’t be submitted, and you’ll see a JavaScript error message customizable by setting the descriptive FriendlyName property.

Use this property to indicate the Ingraweb of the form that is shown on the browser window or the browser tab, depending on the browser. Coding Features of ModelMaker. Only one sign-in procedure and all the information is in one place.

Web Intaweb with IntraWeb. Debugger Updates in Delphi 7. It should be clear even from this simple example that Page mode does less for you than Application mode, but it’s more flexible. A Word on ADO.

This component has a lot of JavaScript code to let you expand and collapse nodes directly in the browser with no need to call back the inteaweb. In the example, the grid content is determined at startup in the OnCreate event handler of the main form: Move this Files folder to a subfolder named wwwroot one level below your IW application.



Use this method to hide the form and remove it from the active form list internally managed by IntraWeb. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. The core feature of the program is its ability to show a second page. Again I found the solution shortly after asking the question here: The Packets and the Cache.

twitter bootstrap – Delphi Intraweb display form in panel – IWBootstrap – Stack Overflow

Remember this event is triggered every time there is a full post event on your form, like a Button click and you need to be carefull on which code you add to this event. The inrraweb, though, is quite similar.

Use this property to add any extra headers required by your form. With your products, the HR manager gains a high Send a private message to ferdna. TStringList; Use this property to manage hidden fields in your form.