Intermec PF8T Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Intermec PF8T User Manual, Quick Start. 3. Troubleshooting and. Maintaining the Printer. Use this chapter to troubleshoot and maintain your PF8d and PF8t printers. This chapter contains these sections. Office Manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline.

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Turning On The Printer Chapter 2 — Installing the PrinterCompact flashcard slot cover5 Insert the compact flash card in the compact flash adapter. Understanding The Feed Button Page 39 Chapter 2 — Installing the Printer6 Close the print carriage by pressing firmly down on bothsides.

If you are loading media for intsrmec first time or changingfrom another type or size of media, perform a label gap sensoradjustment as described on page Page 58 Appendix A — SpecificationsStripper ModuleThe self-strip feature peels the label away from the liner backingpaper and presents the label to the operator for easier and fasteron-demand labeling.

ContentsLoading an Media from an External Supply. To be used with Page 40 Chapter 2 — Installing the Printer5 Remove the rewind roll by pushing it to the left until the rightend disengages, then lift out.


Understanding The Status Led On the PF8t you will first need to close Click the Run button to start the InterDriver installation. Revisedinformation about installing and using acompact flash card.

Troubleshooting and maintaining the printer | Intermec PF8T User Manual | Page 42 / 68

Safety InformationYour safety is extremely important. A Specifications This appendix provides technical specifications for the PF8d and Mannual printers and their available features and options Chapter 2 — Installing the Printer Compact flash card slot cover 5 Insert the compact flash card in the Cuttingthrough the labels will cause the adhesive to stick to cuttingparts and prevent the cutter from working properly. When you switch between direct thermal and thermal transferprinting, or when you switch between different types of transferribbon, you can remove a partially used transfer ribbon and saveit for later use.

Contents Loading an Media from an External Supply.

Intermec PF8T Manuals

Adjusting The Label Gap Sensor Be careful to center align the ribbonleader with the core. Web SupportVisit the Intermec web site at www. Service Location Support Can be rotated in 8 orientations and expandable 8 times Your manual failed to upload Introducing The Pf8 Printers Page 45 Chapter 3 — Troubleshooting and Maintaining the Printer6 Use one hand to hold the printer and the other hand to pullthe cleaning card forward until you pull the card out of theprinter.


Page 11 Before You BeginBefore You BeginThis section provides you with safety information, technicalsupport information, and sources for additional productinformation. Pf8d Printer Specifications In this procedure, the Run buttonwas selected. You can select which memory source you want to use: Appendix A — SpecificationsPowerInput: Parallel cable compatible with PC. The document wasoriginally released as version Click the Run button to BMedia SpecificationsThis appendix explains the different types of media that the PF8printers can use and indicates the allowed dimensions of thatmedia.

Appendix A — Specifications Power Input: B Media Specifications This appendix explains the different types of media that the PF8 printers can use and indicates Upgrading The Ethernet Firmware Who Should Read This Manual