edition of the Oliver Wyman Energy Journal, represent the latest thinking . Source: SG Cross Asset Research/Equity, Oliver Wyman analysis, all estimates. Grocers are under renewed threat as online retailers ramp up their food options. But traditional food stores still have a vital card to play: freshness. Customers. Commission, which looked at 2, companies in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Investment is growing across the globe (see the following pages). Across all .

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Oliver Wyman Ideas offers our most recent insights on issues of importance to senior business leaders. In this episode, we discuss a new joint professorship to unforme population health manageme… https: Our joint report with InsurTech investor Policen Direkt is lliver on a global database that tracks over 1, InsurTechs and other relevant players.

Join us at InsureTech Connect They are the ones producing and consuming them — and gaining fundamental experience that will move the technology forward. We wanted to know how interested travelers are in smart mobility, how it might impact their travel choices, and who they would trust to develop smart mobility options.

Traditional energy suppliers in Germany are under increasing pressure from energy efficiency measures.

Mobility The Quest for Smart Mobility

In this episode, we discuss a new joint professorship to advance population health manageme… https: With that kind of intense focus, EVs could turn into an American success story for the next generation. That gain is by no means automatic: At other future-focused retailers, setting up autonomous, cross-functional teams to meet constantly evolving challenges is taking hold in different ways.

While the federal tax rebate is still in place for electric cars, the recent tax legislation limited it to the firstplug-in electric cars sold by a wymwn. With the new online-to-offline O2O retail model booming in China, the country has leapfrogged oth… https: The retailers left standing are those that figure out how to treat disruption as business-as-usual in an industry accustomed to slow, strategic planning. Energy company economics are under attack.


This year’s Health Innovation Journal features 12 perspectives on emerging industry roles,… https: Female leaders at Oliver Wyman are influencing at the highest level and driving real change on infoeme most important issues of our time.

The findings are based on more than expert interviews with global top managers in the automotive industry as well as further external industry specialists, complemented by further industry reports and insights. Partner Moe Kelley says development of self-driving cars will be facilitated by the likes of… https: Winter Reception Jan We have a unique platform and seek builders who want to improve everything we do.

In parallel, both suppliers and vehicle manufacturers will have to foster holistic performance improvements to offset the needed investments and absorb other looming externalities. Industry Automotive Surface Transportation. Even complicated issues that cut across traditional organizational boundaries can be detangled, such as getting permission to change a marketing campaign without checking with the marketing director or to test a new product offer in stores without first having to secure agreement from both the commercial and store operations departments.

There will be a second wave of InsurTechs which are savvier, more creative and more ambitious, with the potential to truly change the way insurers cover risk.

In our experience, moving from average to best in fresh food can drive a rise in supermarket revenues of up to 10 percent. Journals Energy Journal Volume 3. Are electric vehicles the future of the automotive industry? The ones that do this best have CEOs who fight their instincts to avoid failure and instead champion taking more risks and learning from them — even at the very top of their organizations.

A future of compulsory risk sharing?

What next year holds for AI, AR, self-driving ingorme and wearable tech https: We have a unique platform and seek builders who want to improve everything we do. Rising political and social unrest and disruptive inorme in technology are creating risks and instabilities that are directly impacting businesses around the world.

Best of OWHealth Foot-dragging by the big global automakers may leave the leadership role in EVs up for grabs over the next five to 10 years.


Fresh Or Fail

Thanks to the bans, many European automakers appear ready to commit to the future, but will iliver have to play some catch-up to develop a sufficient array of models to win the consumer. US government policies have been mixed over the last year: Oliver Wyman Ideas App Oliver Wyman Ideas offers our most recent insights on issues of importance wuman senior business leaders. Engage executives in continuous small sprints Companies often pull together teams made up of technologists and front-line managers to continuously test and refine paths to progress, remove obstructions, and keep things on track.

This is especially effective since cross-functional teams do not answer to a particular department.

As the next installment in our Mobility series, to gain a deeper understanding of these developments from a consumer perspective, Oliver Wyman surveyed 7, people in five countries China, US, France, Germany, and Italy about smart mobility. Nordstrom offers customers time-saving, personalized attention by keeping personal stylists, tailors, and manicurists at the store. The bottom line to recent regulations: Disrupt Or Be Disrupted.

Energy Journal Volume 3

In our end-of-year series, we’re highlighting some of our top UK articles from In our end-of-year series, we’re highlighting some of our top UK articles from This site uses cookies to enhance your user experience.

Winter Reception Jan This site uses cookies to enhance your user experience.

Check out our top infographics of the year! Best of OWHealth An article on how the insurance industry will be rocked not just by fully autonomous vehicles but also by cars with many autonomous functions as they change the accident profile of drivers. Our work is based on deep industry expertise across the Energy sector informed by decades of work with industry leaders.

It may be a bit of both.