For Infinite Undiscovery on the Xbox , GameFAQs has 10 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs), 49 cheat codes and secrets, 47 achievements, 19 reviews. Infinite Undiscovery feeds your need for narrative, but it’s ultimately a shallow, flawed experience. : Infinite Undiscovery – Xbox Artist Not Provided: Video Games.

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Could I have the 8-hit combo meal, please? Overall, this is a very enjoyable journey which deserves a play through. This game is fantastic!

Whether it’s Capell getting thoroughly browbeaten by the idealistic princess Aya, the adorable scamps Rico and Rucha chatting in excitement, or the serene priest Eugene offering some sage insight while adjusting his glasses, you’re always learning something new about the characters and their motivations.

Scenario incinite handled by ORG Ltd. And it is so fun! Frustratingly, these events can be nested in other battles that are already a good distance from a save point, and if infiinte fail then you’ll have to restart from your last save. You’ll always be controlling Capell, and you have a few simple AI settings for your party members that you can cycle through using the D pad. See all 60 Critic Reviews. It is ujdiscovery real pain in the ass to have to manage equipment for so many characters.

The Order aka the bad guys in this worldhave tossed some heavy-duty chain around the moon in an apparent effort to siphon its power.

Infinite Undiscovery (Video Game ) – IMDb

The rest of your party attacks at their discretion, though you can set broad AI parameters, the most useful of which tends to be “Save MP.

It’s absolutely recommendable, but it ccould’ve been so much more. The dynamic environments change and respond in real-time to player commands, creating an entirely new experience never before seen in the genre. Infinite Undiscovery allows you to “connect” with another member of onfinite party.

Capell, the protagonist, is a cowardly musician who mysteriously undiscvoery a twin to Sigmund in appearance, which gets him unwillingly wrapped up in the troubles of nations.


Infinite Undiscovery Review

Also, the dialofue is pretty poorly written at times. And it is also true that the plot is generic, but it has kept my attention. Archived from the original on September 8, But IF kept me hooked with the amazing story and maybe the best combat mechanics i have ever seen and not just in the RPG catagory. The story plays out very linearly, with no branching elements. Infinits is one of the best rpg’s i have ever yndiscovery. The AI makes the choice between casting a heal spell or using an item in inventory.

It tells the story of the main character Capell and his journey ifninite sever the chains that are holding the moon, with the help of the Liberation Force. I really like RPG’s but they tend to drag out and i lose interest in them. Mixed or average reviews – based on Ratings. Retrieved July 26, This means that you have to try and keep everyone’s armor and weapons as updated as possible, because you can never be sure when one of the 17 other characters will be required to assist Capell or when you’ll break out into multiple groups.

In Infinite Undiscovery, undiscoery are drawn into a real-time world woven of countless threads where their choices spin untold discoveries.

Infinite Undiscovery

Upvote 1 Leave Blank. In combat, it’s mostly a novelty. Retrieved August 22, Full Cast and Crew.

Infinite Undiscovery Video Game Was this review helpful to you? Humans who are born under auspicious moon phases are tattooed with sigils known as Lunaglyphs, which grant power and the ability to cast spells. Shakespeare wrote undscovery something profound; developer tri-Ace settles for middle school humor. Square Enix Release Date: This section is empty.

The fighting is sort of similar to the Star Ocean games or the Tales games in infinitte you directly control a character and fight in real time. Undiscovety such it features voice actors from Texas and Los Angeles, as well as a large helping of new talent from Shanghai. The action is fast-paced and can be quite satisfying when you’re unleashing large combo strings, but there are some problems. Hit the Undiscovsry button and you will call for someone to heal the injured. This is most certainly more of a story driven game than a fighting one which I prefer to going around for hours upon hours trying to level up my characters like in the last Final Fantasy game I played which was part twelve.

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When connected, you can order them to perform two pre-set special attacks. Log in to finish rating Infinite Undiscovery. Kiriya voice Naoko Matsui Besides, Capell has his own special moves and three-button combos to worry about. This game is freaking awesome! Once you’re in range, you’ll target the nearest enemy–but it’s not an autolock for attack purposes, so you’ll have to continually move around to try to score hits on mobile foes.

Find out whose getting kissed on NYE. Battle is completely real-time and action-oriented. Still once you level up and get the hang of it the fights become rather easy as near the end the only boss that gave me any problems and had me cussing was the last one.

Add the first question. Between the retarded time limits on some missions, menu system that leaves you open undiscoevry getting slaughtered, and infinits forced to go through Between the retarded time limits on some missions, menu system that leaves you open to getting slaughtered, and being forced to go through the forest maze multiple times and later on running the risk of party members turning into enemies infijite, I’ve decided that it’s not worth my time and frustration to finish this badly designed game.

I won’t lie, there were characters that popped up in cut-scenes near the end of the game that I didn’t even know were on my team, because they were so underutilized in the story.

Still, it’s mindless fun and works for the most part.