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CAT This was it.

No kms of this materials either in part oras a whole shall be copied, printed, electronically reproduced, sold or distributed without the written consent of IMS Learing Resources Pvt. I worked hard and took full interest and was doing well in my appraisals.

Optimizing the IIFT Score | GP ka Funda, MBA blog for CAT preparation

My mistakes used to mostly surface in the analysis phase. Though we were allowed to participate in only one bootcamp, I deliberately managed to participate again! To say that I was sad for him, would be an understatement.

This struck me well and I followed the same judiciously. All of the above. Tried simcay solve a few questions, but got bored as the questions in the basic study material were too easy.

Education Solutions Catering to Large Institutions from BrainValley; A 2012 Red Herring Startup

Many people use these groups for only posting scores. For students, he is an aptitude guru who simplifies fundamentals, problem solving, and test taking strategy.


Wimcat home tutors Physics home tutors Chemistry home tutors English home tutors Computers home tutors Biology home tutors Accounting home tutors Economics home tutors Sijcat. I got 3 out of 4 sentence correction questions right and got many RC questions correct. What you should instead do is to try and analyse the paper and post that also.

What am I supposed to gain from there? Total attempts in XAT — X 20012 8 2 3 4 10 12 14 if Explanation: Also, he is an optimist, and someone who believes in me much more than I do in myself. And with no job in hand I was down in the dumps. Refer to paragraph 2. For similar reasons, [iii] is also an act of violence: Thus, Ganesh — Deluxe — Mumbai We have 2 possible scenarios.

Thankfully, ums rigours of the job were never such that I didn’t get time for my studies. Come on you wouldn’t have done that badly.

Learn about CAT From IIM Students | Sidharth bhansali –

My score is somewhere between Is it any good? In which over did Virat complete his half century 50 runs? I always… – read and try to attempt liner questions under any circumstances – read and try to attempt questions on mensuration and geometry you can recognise them easily because they have accompanying figures – read and try to attempt questions on logarithms and algebra – start from somewhere in the middle of the section.


Try to estimate your score before jumping to the answer key.

SimCAT Experts Take

And the rest, as they say, was history. GP on November 13, at 2: In early September I increased it to three mocks a week and stuck to it till the end.

I was never one of those people who used to come 1st in class or top subjects in college, I was just a smartass who knew his numbers and pretty simcay sucked elsewhere. It was just classes and some sectional tests. Fact Inference Judgement – a format of English usage questions wherein three sentences are to be identified as factual, inferential or opinionated based on their individual meanings.

Reached the centre and got in.

Choose the option that best 202 the essence of the text. Can we expect change of paper pattern from 4 to 6 section? GP on November 13, at Attend Mock CATs, people.

My last mocks were good, not IIM Calcuttaalibre though. Rather than focusing on caselets, I scan all the caselets and attempt those questions which are less time consuming. Team CL on December 11, at I would kill or be killed for an IIM this time.