The Secret Lore of Magic has 45 ratings and 6 reviews. Ita said: Crazy, entertaining but repetitive, often funny, very original. These were among my firs. Full text of “The Secret Lore of Magic by Idries Shah” . II THE SECRET LORE OF MAGIC The Lemegeton (Little Key of Solomon) is another book examined in. Results 1 – 30 of 64 The Secret Lore of Magic by Idries Shah and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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The Destruction of Enemies i This is a rite from the Key of Solomon, which concentrates iipnii creating discord between and harm against two lovers. In this case the fumigations are to be started again, and the circle will be traced anew, and the knife pointed at the sky.

Emphasising that Sufism was not static but always adapted itself to the current time, place and people, he lor his teaching in Western psychological terms.

Between the other points other Ineffable Names of Power are written: If you agree to this, still better sacrifices will I” magiv. In its use as a magical accessory, then, the pentacle had to be drawn on virgin lambskin in bright red ink, and the skin prepared v. And oyntiments are made of it to the buryenge of the dead.

The root of this hearb put upon the neck healeth die swine pockes, apostumus behinde the eares, and botches of the neck, and such as cannot keepe their water. Eleazar the Jew exorcised devils with its help, and with the Ring of Solomon which is so well known to students of the Arabian Nights.


Games, jokes, pastimes, detection of theft with the aid of spirits. And it provoketh sleepe for the colouresse of it, and the Srcret of Saphire hath property this.

The Secret Lore of Magic

And there a I was not initially attracted to this book as I didn’t think I was interested in magic, though I have been reading other books by Idries Shah. Be the first to ask a kf about The Secret Lore of Magic. Trimasael teaches chemistry and all matters of conjuring of the nature of deceit or sleight-of-hand. A prayer is now made, while the assistants see that the fire is burning well: This is probably so, but the method of working out which days were under which stars, and how the planetary hours were arrived at, was conveniently simplified by Albertus Magnus, in his Secrets.

Otherwise thou mayst reveal it to me in my sleep. Sept’entrion Sign and Character of Scirlin. It not only calls spirits who come under this planet, but also opens all doors, no matter how they may be closed.

It is called Rapa amongst the Chaldees, and of the Greeks Orgalo. To Make oneself Invisible Collect seven black beans.

The Secret Lore of Magic: Books of the Sorcerers – Idries Shah – Google Books

Generally it is made of the skin of a goat or lamb, or other animal, which must be virgin. Then the three will draw lots as to whom is to stay with you. Before starting, close the door and windows. Beelzebuth appears sometimes in monstrous forms, somedmes like a giant cow, at times like a he-goat, with a long tail.

Leave it to rest a moment, and then look at it through the glass, not touching it. People who seek such treasure have often been harmed by these creatures, which are opposed to greed. In addition to the inherent worth of their content, The Secret Lore of Magic and Oriental Magic can also be seen as a ground-breaking operation by this author, before publishing over the ensuing years his many volumes of Sufi thought, ideas, and materials. I lu re arc, it is true, references in the editions available to us to ‘ In i.


In addition to the drawing of the usual circle, at the limes and on the days already stated to be suitable for this type of experiment, certain other extra requirements are noted.

It is assumed that most people with an interest in the occult sciences will have a sufficient knowledge of astrology to be able to work out the days and hours of the planets. Then say the following: In this book it is only the latter with which we arc directly concerned: O Seccret, give me inspiration, help me to discover that which I seek to know, whatever it is, with the help of Thine aides, the holy paliel, tzaphniel, matmoniel!

William Zachmann rated it really liked it Aug 19, Compared with the process as laid down in the foregoing extract, this conjuration is difficult and complicated.

When the angels appear which they should have done during the msgic part of the ritethey are questioned as to their names, ranks and stations, and told what they are to do for the master. All created things come under the powerful talisman: Open Preview See a Problem?