A History of Africa (African History Archive) [Hosea Jaffe] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Spanning more than two thousand years of. Spanning more than two thousand years of African history, from the African Iron Age to the collapse of colonialism and the beginnings of independence, Hosea. Editorial Reviews. Review. `[Jaffe’s] views are indeed stimulating and should reopen a A History of Africa (African History Archive) – Kindle edition by Hosea Jaffe. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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Teachers came to the homes of the poor and a spirit of camaraderie was fostered.

Joe Rassool: Role of Hosea Jaffe

The pro-Conference motion was lost, and the rump TLSA somehow survived holding its first conference since in May Even staunch Jaffeists found this jsffe to swallow, but no-one openly contested this notion. Not once does Jaffe reveal his role in the split in the movement that hoaea in as early asbut pretends that the schism was only a event.

It included among others: Thereafter, especially in Cape Town a malaise befell the organisations. The Coloureds were also bought off by allowing them limited voting rights, and freedom from the kind of legislation that bound the Africans such as the hoosea laws, and the right to buy and sell property as hoses as giving the Coloured pupil more than double the amount of money in the educational system as compared with the African child.

The signposts Jaffe has pointed out in my opinion do not reflect the situation as it really existed during the period To us if the best brains among the Whites accepted the ideas of the NEUM, a substantial number of the White group would indubitably follow and a South African nation would emerge purged of the evils of race, colour and creed.


About the Author

It featured in all their writings and even P. Jaffe, to my knowledge, is the first to write from the point of view of a participant. The decision regarding the annual conference aroused bitter argumentation. My differences javfe not personal, they are political! Goolam Gool and his sister Jane supported Tabata. Jaffe proceeds next to extol the excellence of The New Era Fellowship.

Jaffe first deals with the labelling of the movement as Trotskyist. His conclusions are refuted by research into the period. That radical statement was by none other than Mr Jaffe himself.

Oral history interview with Hosea Jaffe [Part 1 of 3]

It forced the authorities to delay the transfer until April Human society was part of nature. Most but not all. But the era of collaboration had passed. The views expressed have been dealt with in more detail in Searchlight South Gosea No. This background of the situation is important so that one can get a clearer understanding of the role of the person whom the Tabata jafge regarded as the arch-villain namely Hosea Jaffe.

Tabata now held sway in the All African Convention. In response to jadfe and as one who had been directly and actively involved in the organisation from toI hope to shed some light on the movement which I believe made a significant imprint on the liberation struggle. This document supplements the material we published in Revolutionary History Vol.

Sharpeville rocked the Herrenvolk state as never before. He left a letter for Ben Kies which attempted to explain the reasons for his departure. The movement lost some of its foremost thinkers in the seventies, Hoses Wessels and Ben Kies The split with Tabata deepened. We were told that the NEF was too advanced for young Africans.


The words sent a chill through all those present at the meeting.

The Movement gave the Soviet intervention its complete support. What is baffling is that at no time was hoswa letter ever discussed in the period when I was in the movement.

Remarkably it was only in in a seminal address at a meeting of the NEUM in the Drill Hall, Cape Town that the view was expressed that there was only one race, the human race. The NEUM responded with the weapon of the boycott. Not all have stood the test of time. In the Torch ceased to be published.

Probably for the first time it gave the continent of Africa an organisation with a clear political programme. Prior to the banning of Ben Kies in Jaffe had kept his views on the three pillar federal structure of the movement relatively low-key. Tobias, the anthropologist and member of the Movement, declared that race was a biological fact.

He was at daggers drawn with Jaffe. Thus for example the reason for the Spanish dancing in a very small space was attributed to the restricted land area of the Iberian peninsula.