The Temaline architecture comprises a backbone and field network. The TS2 is a fully autonomous controller providing a high level security. Temaline from Honeywell Security provides an enterprise-wide people management Access control and identity solutions are natively integrated, resulting in.

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CLIQ system puts an Goneywell bank in complete control of every entrance. Hhoneywell handheld device can be used online or offline with the EBI system. SeeTec VMS supports workflows in pharmaceutical logistics. Honeywell Process Solutions’ industrial security initiatives go beyond cyber security to address physical plant security. Codelco reviewed the results in DAND and decided that the system was the first step to ensure basic safety for their sites, and is implementing the same securit solution with Honeywell in seven other Codelco sites over the next 10 years after the Division Andina implementation.

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Honeywell Process has added security specialists to work with thier process industry experts as a resource for customers. Mobile access readers with handheld devices were implemented with a custom application developed specifically to comply with DAND requirements.

Subscribe to Our e-Newsletters. While there is a great deal of legitimate concern about cyber security, many hoeywell facilities may be at high risk due to poor physical security. Industrial security has always been important, but since September 11th there are additional security risk concerns from terrorists.

If a human is detected, an alarm will alert the operator. Industrial and manufacturing security risks include workplace threats, violence, theft, pilferage, counterfeiting, sabotage, terrorist attack, trespassing, activist disruption, vandalism, and contamination. Copper theft has become so big there is a WEB site showing actual vidoes of copper thefts: When an intruder breaks your user-defined rules, RVS generates an alarm, automatically directing a video camera to the threatened area.


The modular, scalable, and safe platform temalien to integrate with different technologies, platforms, and field devices used by DAND. Advancing Automation eBook Series.

Honeywell Gets Physical with Security. Video analytics Video analytics is an exciting technolgy using software to recognize security issues by analyzing video in realtime. Many industrial facilities are fairly accessible and employee security awareness is often lacking or weak. Homeland Security has information on initiatives for chemical, maritime, and transportation on their WEB site:. Integrated Approach Honeywell is taking an integrators role in many process industry security applications to insure customers gain the most value from their investment.

In addition to terrorist threats increased risk of loss from theft is always changing. VyStar Credit Union boosts theft and fraud protection with Oncam. My Cart Books Online Training. UAE-based retail chain chooses Matrix time-attendance solution. Results Implementation of this project enabled Codelco to migrate from a manual unsecure control to a high level technological solution.

Analysts say the demand for access controls and other electronic security systems is expected to rise by an average of 7.

HONEYWELL SRL, NWGQ7.E – UL Product Spec Canada

Challenge Every day about people and vehicles access different areas of the mine through the main entrance. This solves a major problem in video surveillance where it is difficult for an operator to accurately watch temalihe screens at once and determine when there is a security problem. UntilCodelco Division Andina DAND did not have a structured procedure for controlling access to the different areas in the mine.

Security is different than process control in that you can anticipate things we expect honeyewll happen but cannot foresee all the possibilities. To improve the speed and security in the buses used in worker transportation, Honeywell installed readers and controllers in each bus that would verify the identity and access permissions for each worker at the time of boarding the bus.


Honeywell improves safety at petrochemical plant. Honeywell can tie in the security to the process control system to simplify operations.

Temalkne also provides customers after market security maintenance services to insure they continue to leverage their investment in security. Consider the recent dramatic price increases in commodities such as copper, making it attractive to thieves. The manual procedure, with documentation and paper authorizations was very easy to falsify or duplicate. The system also had to be customizable and adaptable to specific DAND requirements.

DAND wanted to improve security by installing an integrated security system that complied with regulatory requirements and internal rules. All the information is saved in the handheld and synchronized with EBI data every time any information trmaline changed in the EBI database. There is a need for a comprehensive security strategy for these facilities and other critical infrastructure.

If the offline handheld has collected new ingress or egress data, it transmits this information to EBI once it is online again. Products Honeywell as a wide range of security products including the following worth noting.

Temaline Interface

By Bill Lydon – Contributing Editor. This means that the groups will share resources and expertise as required. The operations combine open pit and underground mine.