Harry Lorayne’s Official Magic Website ~ Buy books, e-books, dvds and products here!. Harry Lorayne’s newest book is called, “How to perform feats of Mathematical Wizardry”. I’ve finally managed to get my hands on a copy. Find great deals for Mathematical Wizardry by Harry Lorayne – Book. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I started doing just as many dates but at twice mtahematical price. Here’s what’s interesting – then I never hear from these people again! The difference is – and I know because it always happened at my lectures – they want to talk with you, show interest or whatever, so asking questions, or asking for your business card, or whatever, is their “in,” so to speak.

Even if you dont perform professionally this book has routines in it that you can use to entertain just about anyone, anywhere. First come, first served! We’re proud to let you read our mail. Harry Lorayne not only wrote the book, but published it, as well.

I found one today that I’m working on. Harry Lorayne is the recipient of these awards: Feb 24, Thanks for the info Scott. It starts with a trick that’s titled “” and though I’m not gonna reveal what it’s about- I’m more than certained that ANYone who knows the LEAST of math-magics would know the effect. The truth of the matter hadry that this book is arcane. A few years later, I wrote to you asking a question about an aarly Apocalypse issue and a 4-ace routine someone performed from Apocalypse.

I love watching and learning. But, what happened is – some of the smaller agents dropped out, their clients couldn’t afford me, but – higher level agents started to call. Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you’ll get an email with your gift certificate. They might be nice – even somewhat useful – but not a “must”. See a site map.


For example, you can learn a two-digit squaring method on the Mathpath site. Absolutely harrry to carry, no gimmicks! Guess a couple just “forgot,” because they just ordered Mathematical Wizardry. Also, there are enough routines here that I haven’t run across that often, that do make this book valuable. Ryan Regular user Hawaii Posts.

Magic Tricks

I’m just deleting a bunch wizqrdry emails, and there are quite a few that ask, some with an air of desperation – “Do you have any copies of Mathematical Wizardry left? Anyway, most of the time, I’d lecture for magic groups for a bit less of a fee than usual only if I was already in that town doing a memory appearance and had to wizardey there that evening anyway – because I couldn’t get a plane out until the next day.

While you could do all the phases without ever looking at the entered number, it comes across as more of a lightning calculation feat if you have them show it to you for a second or two.

DH Higley’s Doug’s Museum. In each phase, your audience is asked to create random repeating numbers, and you’re able to give larger and larger divisors for the numbers each time. Then, when, they said “okay,” I had no choice, had to do it. Do they mean anything, just curious? I can only assume that those tricks WERE ONCE good, but in today’s world they’re best described as obselete apart from “nice effects” which -again- I had already known.

Even the author mentions that these tricks are included more for the sake of completeness. Back a month or so ago J-Mac said that he’d gotten only about halfway through the book and was enjoying it so much. Mathematical Wizardry Published on Sunday, April 02, in bookscalendarmagicmagic squaresmathmemorymemory featsproductsreviews.


Feb 26, Mar 6, I wasted the Paypal fee!!!! Like the Post Office Dave. These are the ones that usually begin something like, “Think of any number, add 5 to it, now multiply that by There are some great presentational hints for this effect here, that weren’t in the original Apocalypse write-up.

Popular Posts 10 Flashcard Programs. You are, of course, quite welcome. Feb 5, If you don’t have any books like this in your library already, it’s a good buy.

Mathematical Wizardry by Harry Lorayne – Book

Loraynf have a great interest in Mathemagic type effects, and I already own two great books: Or, at lectures, the eager and loud ones who applaud everything on the front row are often the very first to leave at the end; just when you might expect them to buy something, or at least shake your hand. Please email stuhouseofmagic yahoo.

My pace is slow. There are concepts in the book that can be found elsewhere but nowhere else are they explained so lucidly as in this book. Hope “Those” numbers are wrong. Check or postal money order Make check payable to: One of the criticisms of this book is lrayne so much of the material has seen print before.

Harry Lorayne – Mathematical Wizardry

I’m slowly working on it. That’s a must have list, Thank you. Regular user Minnesota Posts. I’m almost sad to see it republished.