GSView is a user-friendly viewer for various document formats including ” GSView” version 6+ is produced by Artifex Software LLC. . Virus Scan Results. GSview is a graphical interface for Ghostscript under MS-Windows, OS/2 and GNU/Linux. Ghostscript is an interpreter for the PostScript page description. 2 done. Scanning c:\psfonts for fonts 0 files, 0 scanned, 0 new fonts. Error: /invalidfileaccess in /findfont.

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miktex – GSView Open file’s Error: /invalidfileaccess in /findfont – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

Table scanninh contents Conceptual overview PostScript Interpreter PDF interpreter Graphics library Device drivers Platform-specific code Makefiles For other information, see the Ghostscript overview and the documents on how to build Ghostscript from ggsview, Ghostscript C coding guidelinesdriversthe Ghostscript library and how to install Ghostscript.

Conceptual overview The Ghostscript source code is divided conceptually as follows: If you configure Ghostscript as a server rather than an interactive program, you will use gserver. The names of the files generally follow the section headings of the operator summary in section 6.

See the makefile for a little more information on how the files are divided functionally. The main loop of the PostScript interpreter is the interp procedure in interp.


Its main loop is the. When the PDF interpreter is configured into the build, it redefines the ” run ” operator to test whether the file is a PDF file. Graphics library Files beginning with gsgxor gz both.

Files beginning with gdev are device drivers or related code, also part of the library. Other files beginning with g are library files that don’t fall neatly into either the kernel or the driver category.

Device drivers The interface between the graphics library and device drivers is the only really well documented one in all of Ghostscript: In addition to many real device and file format drivers listed in devs. You can search lib.

GSview Help

Drivers are divided into “printer” drivers, which support banding, and non-printer drivers, which don’t. A good simple “printer” bandable driver to read is gdevmiff.

There are no simple non-printer drivers that actually drive devices: Platform-specific code There are very few platform dependencies in Ghostscript. Ghostscript deals with them in three ways: These properties, not the names of specific platforms, are used to select between different algorithms or parameters at compile time.

Makefiles This section is only for advanced developers who need to integrate Ghostscript into a larger program at build time.

The Ghostscript makefiles are meant to be organized according to the following two principles: All the parameters that vary from platform to platform appear in the scznning makefile for a given platform.


Rules and definitions shared by all builds are in gs. Rules and definitions specific to the library on all platforms are in lib.

In principle this could be merged with gs. Stuff specific to interpreters on all platforms is in int.

Stuff specific scannong all Unix platforms should be in a single unix. Perhaps a makefile for all MS-DOS builds, for all compilers and products, although since Watcom is the only such compiler we’re likely to support this may be overkill. A makefile for all MS Windows builds, for all compilers and products.

A top-level makefile for the Watcom DOS interpreter product. A top-level scamning for the Watcom Windows interpreter product. A top-level makefile for the Watcom DOS library “product”.

A top-level makefile for the Watcom Windows library “product”. This software is provided AS-IS with no warranty, either express or implied. This software is distributed under license and may not be copied, modified or distributed except as expressly authorized scannning the terms of that license.

Refer to licensing information at http: