Graeffe’s method is one of the root finding method of a polynomial with real co- efficients. This method gives all the roots approximated in each. Chapter 8 Graeffe’s Root-Squaring Method J.M. McNamee and V.Y. Pan Abstract We discuss Graeffes’s method and variations. Graeffe iteratively computes a. In mathematics, Graeffe’s method or Dandelin–Lobachesky–Graeffe method is an algorithm for The method separates the roots of a polynomial by squaring them repeatedly. This squaring of the roots is done implicitly, that is, only working on.

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A root -finding method which was among the most popular methods for finding roots of univariate polynomials in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Graeffe’s method has a number of drawbacks, among which are that its usual formulation leads to exponents exceeding the maximum allowed by floating-point arithmetic and also that it can map well-conditioned polynomials into ill-conditioned ones. However, these limitations are avoided in an efficient implementation by Malajovich and Zubelli The method proceeds by multiplying a polynomial by and noting that. Since the coefficients are given by Vieta’s formulas.


Complexity 12, I Math, Monthly 66, Von and Grafff, M. C in Mathematical Methods in Engineering: Complexity 17, Some History and Recent Progress. Berlin and Leipzig, Germany: A Treatise on Numerical Mathematics, 4th ed.

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