Moorcock conceived of Gloriana as his last fantasy novel, which it wasn’t, and as a crucial turning point in his career, which it was. Spenser’s. Gloriana the First is the Queen of Albion, an alternate version of England. She is the ruler of a vast empire, and lives in a vast, labyrinthine palace. She is known. Gloriana by Michael Moorcock – book cover, description, publication history.

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It’s an alternate history that doesn’t take much of an interest in world affairs but still drastically curtails the extent of colonialism, placing western Native American nations on the same footing as the small Mkorcock colony on the East Coast. Elizabethan England certainly had its own Quires, but he is a character drawn not from history but from Moorcock’s imagination.

The overall effect of the telling-not-showing and the distancing of all the interesting bits and the abstract focus on Gloriana’s bedroom woes paired with an even more abstract link to actual policy is a hazy, sleepy feel that leaves a dreamlike impression I enjoy; I think Gloriana pulls that off better than Elric did.

However, Moorcock is not being contrary in Gloriana, which in most regards, reads like an abridged Elizabethan take on Peake’s Gormenghast books which, incidentally, are the origin of Crisp’s quotation, by way of his introduction. We’re introduced to the lonely Gloriana, who clearly is no stranger to men she has nine kids and a chunk of the book is her weighing alliances through marriage and trying to balance that with her own sexual fulfillment.

To me, as much as Quire’s seduction techniques livened the book up, the switch from the more sedate political plotting to the deadly court intrigue with a side of bodice ripping felt like a poor copy of Steerpike’s plot from “Gormenghast” and while Quire is many things, he is a hundred percent not Steerpike, as people seem to know his game fairly quickly even if they can’t do anything about it and he lacks the charisma of Peake’s character, doing things pretty much with a detached “because I can” attitude that comes from being a committed sociopath.

Readers who don’t do their research beforehand may be mildly surprised to find out that it doesn’t really match any kind of history at all, which is intentional, as its basically an alternate history given a fantastic slant, substituting a new version of Elizabeth here called “Gloriana” and turning her reign into I feel bad for the gloriama who unknowingly picks this glorixna thinking that its moorcocl more realistic historical novel or bless their innocent hearts an actual biography of Queen Elizabeth I.


The two worlds co-exist but eventually collide. Moorcock is more constructing a fable of how things could have and why it wouldn’t have lasted anyone.

A book that shows that Moorcock can really write and think. I can understand why people dislike this book, or never finish it, but I’m glad I did. Moorcock was a friend of Peake’s and the influence of Gormenghast is clear in this work.

In more recent years, Moorcock has taken to using “Warwick Colvin, Jr. In any case, all of that aside, I really liked Gloriana. Maybe if I had read those books Gloriaba would’ve seen the subtle satire he is apparently working with.

The Michael Moorcock Collection 1 – 10 of 28 books. The novel’s atmosphere owes something to English writer Mervyn Peake ‘s Gormenghast novels, published in the s and s, and Moorcock dedicated Gloriana to the memory of Peake, one of his literary heroes. It does contain poetry, mainly gloirana court occasions and written in a style rather like Dryden ‘s.

Aug 04, Nikki rated it really liked it Shelves: Much has been written of Moorcock’s characterisation, in particular the character of Quire. Jan 05, Zachary Latif rated it it was amazing. For me, Steerpike is an anti-hero whereas Quire has no redeeming features and isn’t even that interesting.

This Gothic Elizabethan fantasy shows an alternate world in which Moorcock specialises which clearly, consciously or not in his successors’ cases, is part of the same fantasy complexes of Philip Pullman, Neil Gaiman and the American Tim Powers. I saw this book described as an ‘erotic fantasy romp’ and realistically it’s anything but. Side note- I read the re-released hard copy of Gloriana: She can’t cope with statehood and the ‘responsibility’ of being Queen and Quire ‘taking’ her sets her free?

Gloriana is considered by highfalutin Moorcock fans to be perhaps his most remarkable and original work. The subtext is not Chinese Imperial but Spenserian allegorical. Viriconium Viriconium M John Harrison. His motivations are half pride and half curiosity, which a heck of a mix but not about to make him a world class villain.

Maybe its the whole take on Elizabeth. Being a Romance Author s: The third and most important and famous ‘sex’ problem is that of the ending. Mike at the Brands and Packaging Museum.

But when Quire feels Montfallcon has insulted him, he seeks revenge through seducing the frustrated Gloriana. He’s quite happy with his job, until he feels insulted by his employer and then moorfock to spend the rest of the book getting his revenge.


He is a well-spoken and thoughtful critic of the complete lack of romance in either of these would-be romances, but the love in Gloriana’s court is anything but courtly.

It’s a long time since I read the Gormenghast trilogy but there are some obvious parallels although I didn’t dwell on these; I wanted it to stand up as a story in it’s own right. He became editor of Tarzan Adventures inat the age of sixteen, and later moved on to edit Sexton Blake Library. No one can ever write an erotic romp through a Shakespea Moorcock’s writing oscillates between excellence and bullshit so dramatically and with such frequency that it’s dizzying.

In both, he emphasises that what finally allows Gloriana to find fulfilment is not anything really to do with sex, but that for the first time in her life, she can focus solely and entirely on moorcokc. Moorcock’s writing oscillates between excellence and bullshit so dramatically and with such frequency that it’s dizzying.

Queen Gloriana

Retrieved 11 December In political intrigue other powers seek to control Albion and seek it’s wealth and power. Moorcock re-wrote the ending which I have also read. As I appreciate some bleak, cold logic and a healthy dose of realism in my books, so I do appreciate redemption, hope, selflessness and all the positive emotions, quieter maybe, that make up the gamut of humanity.

This page was last edited on 12 Octoberat The ability to meet people from parallel worlds is mentioned constantly but many are skeptical and the subplot has no resolution at all. Michael John Moorcock is an English writer primarily of science fiction and fantasy who has also published a number of literary novels.

Gloriana (novel) – Wikipedia

It’s easy to see Moorcoc influence on Moorcock on this one, both in the writing and the labyrinthine halls of Gloriana’s palace. Most of the world is made up of weaklings, Tinkā€”and in war they flourish. It shows clear traces of its influences, but these are in the most part more literary than before. Someone publishes this book. View all 8 comments. Dec 01, Adam rated it it was ok Shelves: