Gion A. Caminada. Area Map of Caminada’s Works in Switzerland. Vrin. Stiva da morts. Telephone Box. Caminada House. Vrin Village Office. Vrin Multipurpose. It makes no sense to talk about Gion A. Caminada (*Vrin, ) without talking about his precedents and his environment. Coming from the. Gion A. Caminada has produced architectural work in Surselva, Grisons that is unique in being directly determined by the ecological, geographical and.

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On the bottom floor, two independent and very different doors, one for the living and the other for the dead, give passage to the mourning room. By continuing to navigate you declare to accept and consent to the use of cookies pursuant to the relevant terms and conditions. And through this analysis it is possible for him to create diversity and new things within tradition, without falling into the trap of picturesque architecture or superficial reproductions, integrating a new form of life within the traditional typology.

Understanding the change of paradigm on the matter of death; the traditional 3 day mourning period before the final good-bye in the private house of the vriners and the discomfort this tradition generates, and the current thought of society to supress death, the Stiva da Morts addresses this changes through one main theme: Furthermore, this dissolution acquires transparency when wet, recovering the initial wood colour of the walls until it is dry again.

Focusing on place, he strengthens difference in order to register and respect separate identities.

Gion A. Caminada

From the corridor of this upper floor one has direct access to the cemetery. Florian Aicherarchitect and publicist, Rotis. Digita cosa stai cercando. Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable.

Cul zuffel e l’aura dado – Gion A. Caminada

By using the comment function on degruyter. More by Aicher, Florian: It is a house fort he living in ordert o remember the dead, so it is built with wood, a material related tot gionn secular world, in contrast to the stone used in the sacred buildings.


Based on his buildings and projects, the exhibition shows how Gion Caminada approaches and prepares planning processes by doing basic socio-economic research and thus solving architectural problems analytically at first. The geographical situation helps to understand the obliged necessity of self-sufficiency in tion holistic way, through the promotion of the local activities over tourism — a classical get-away for little mountain villages that usually ends up generating strong external dependencies — and the utilization of their own resources — acting with what they have and not with what is gioj.

And afterwards will come quality and beauty, which will come into being, aslong as the building is meaningful.

We use cookies and third-party cookies to enhance your navigation experience of our website. From my humble opinion, Gion Caminada gives clear examples that both questions can be answered positively. Therefore we would like to draw your attention to our House Rules.

Few buildings that are not built through wood; the main church and some small chapels strategically situated through out the valley. Notify me of new posts via email. User Account Log in Register Help. Apart from drawings and models, the photographs, all taken by Lucia Degonda, add to the cohesive presentation of the implemented building projects. English Type of Publication: Paperback Swiss brochure with open thread-stitching Publication Date: This new piece of architecture is yet another revision of the strickbau constructive system.

This situation brought Vrin and ist neighbouring villages a great importance directly related to the trading routes established back then. On the other hand,it is important to mention the treatment of the surface of the larch wood walls through a slightly perfumed solution of bright shellac.

These buildings are built with heavy whitened masonry walls, showing a great contrast with the rest of elements in game and their timeless presence. The Architect, the Cook and the Good Taste. In the same manner, one can see the clear confidence Caminada places on the influence of the vernacular constrictive culture on the economical and social growth of the village.

For over thirty years, Caminada, the son of a local farmer, has been building projects on this land. Specialist Text Keyword s: Note Legali Privacy Cookies Credits. Vrin is a former municipality at the end of the Val Lumnezia Valley of Light in romanch. Interested in everything, he refers to bricolage as a method of synthesis. Press Press Office info and contact persons: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: First of all, the position and design of the windows as standing places with a high degree of privacy from incoming looks from the exterior.


A few years after caminadw his studies, in the late 70s, he establishes his own studio in the same village where he was raised as a child: Share this page on. Follow us facebook twitter youtube instagram flickr feed rss. Inthe village was awarded the Wakker Prize for preservation of its architectural heritage. He is able to analyse a traditional house in order to establish what is the basic idea behind it and camniada it is different from todays needs and which are the core elements that cannot be touched.

In the Pro Vrin Foundation is founded.

In the exterior, the larch wood walls are tainted with a dissolution of lime soaked with buttermilk, whitening the whole surface and relating it with the church right next to it.

Gion Caminada is one of the main representatives of contemporary Swiss architecture, and he is held in high esteem around the world. In this illustrated interview Gion Caminada tells of his path to building, of old villages, of working together with engaged citizens, and of the ideas that drive him forward in life. Comments 0 Please log in or register to comment. Skip to main content.

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Gion Caminada’s Meaningful Architecture | AMALLECTIVE

Aspects such as culture, politics or economics are now reorganized through the analysis of an architect. Caminada addresses this ambivalence through a typical house typology, which creates a secular place for domestic mourning for the dead.

But if the cowshed works well, then it can be beautiful too.