GIMP comes with standard filters that supports creating gradients; look under Filters+Light After you’re done with your image, you can export it in PNG format. One of the most common uses for GIMP, is to prepare images for web sites. To export an image with transparent areas that do not have a soft transition. Most of the file formats that GIMP can open, can also be used for saving. Exporting an image does not modify the image itself, so you do not lose anything by.

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The image file can include markers which allow the image to be loaded as segments. Click “Export” to view additional exporting options.

The float method is very slightly more accurate than the integer method, but is much slower unless your machine has very fast floating-point hardware.

Small Business – Chron. Warning The GIF file format does not support some basic image properties such as print resolution. If you enable this option, the optimization of entropy encoding parameters will be used. Having a background in business and technology, she has completed undergraduate studies in business and computer science along with a Master of Business Administration. Three methods are available:. Closing warning Saving an image in any file format will cause the image to be considered “not dirty”, even if the file format does not represent all of the information from the image.


There are several commands for saving images. EXIF data provides information about the image such as camera make and model, image size, image date, etc. If you did not make major changes to the image and you want to save it using the same quality as the original, then you can do it by enabling this option. Reducing the number of colors below is not useful: Delay between frames where unspecified You can set the delay, in milliseconds, between frames if it has not been set before.

Chapter 6. Getting images out of GIMP

In this text box, you can enter a comment which will be associated with the image. The compression can use this to treat slightly different colors that the eye perceives as very close, as identical colors.

This ensures that you always get at least the ekspirt quality specified in your defaults.

Save background color Save background color: Loop forever When this option is checked, the animation will play repeatedly until you stop it. By using this option, you can smooth the image when saving. PackBits is a fast, simple compression scheme for run-length encoding of data. Saving with a quality level of 80 in GIMP is not necessarily comparable with saving with a quality level of 80 in a different application. If this has not been set before, you can set how frames will be superimposed.

This step-by-step guide demonstrates how to create small files with minimal loss of image quality. Unless you are a JPEG expert, the Quality parameter is probably the only one you will need to adjust. When you are finished working with an image, you will want to save the results. In this text box, you can enter a comment that is associated with the image. GIMP allows you to save the images you create in a wide variety of formats.


Many applications use the small thumbnail image as a quickly available small preview image.

In fact, it is often a good idea to save at intermediate stages too: Quality When you save a file in JPEG format, a dialog is displayed that allows you to set the Quality ekspirt, which ranges from 0 to vimp When you are finished working with an image, you will want to save the results.

Progressive With this option enabled, the image chunks are stored in the file in an order that allows progressive image refinement during a slow connection web download.

GIMP: Saver and Save/export clean plug-ins

You are only limited by your imagination. Compression This option give you the opportunity to choose the compression method that is appropriate for your image: Saving Images with Transparency. No other format comes close to achieving the same level of compression.