Gerpolek, gerilya-politik-ekonomi (Seri Djambatan klasik) [Tan Malaka] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Military strategy for combating. It is the first extract of the booklet “The Partisan and his Military, Political and Economic Struggle” (GERPOLEK) written by Tan Malakka May when he was. GERPOLEK. (Chapters XI – XIII). Tan Malaka (). This cut down version of GERPOLEK is translated from the French, which is translated from the Dutch which.

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The technique of the Spanish partisans which disorganized the armies of Napoleon; that of the Boers combatants who held in check the strong modern army of the English; that of the Russian partisans who during the Second World War which has just finished completely discountenanced the motorized German forces.

But when he deals with concrete positions, he each time differentiates himself in a very clearly from Stalinist positions. Firmly united it organised its defence and was ready for every sacrifice. Please link images File: But the author, in his forced isolation, does not wish to rule on all military problems, essential aspects of the revolution; but only to draw the attention to their importance.

If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. A staunch critic of both the colonial Dutch East Indies government and the republican Sukarno administration that governed the country after the Indonesian National Revolution, he was also frequently in conflict with the leadership of the Communist Party of Indonesia PKIIndonesia’s primary radical political party in the s and again in the s.

Gerpolek / Tan Malaka – Details – Trove

All mountainous areas and all the airfields being of military interest as well as many arms belonging to the people and to the youth of the Republic. If he has to be distant from this place for a longer period, he will have a powerful and devoted clandestine organisation.

They fear that the Indonesian workers would go on strike, or that Indonesians gsrpolek seize their property completely. We must at the same time combine this measure with others which make it possible to increase and to improve production and distribution for the people themselves. The people proclaimed on August 17,before the world, their absolute right to freedom and sovereignty.


These aims mean the enrichment and srengthening of the capitalists in the victorious country and the increasing misery, poverty and the cultural backwardness of the vanquished country.

Thus I pose the problems of struggle in the political and diplomatic field as problems of political and diplomatic war! I only gdrpolek to draw attention to some military precepts which appear important to me.

Or by partisans disguised as women who saunter in front of the eyes of the enemy soldiers while wriggling their behinds.

Gerilya Politik Ekonomi by Tan Malaka (2 star ratings)

As two years ago, I continue to defend the following position: Refresh and try again. In the Arab ma,aka and in the Philippines, there was a great feeling of sympathy for Indonesia. This page was last edited on 25 Septemberat The training thus acquired, was not lost later on, although the long years spent abroad has modified certain conceptions.

Everything lent must be returned in good condition. The Dutch, on the other hand, who are owners of the plantations, mines, the factories, the railroads, and the dockyards, will probably not give up sovereignty and the political authority so easily to people with a different language, culture and interests, the Indonesian people. It ended in the victory of the bourgeoisie in Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. The co-operatives are a powerful economic weapon, comparable to the polical weapon of a rifle or a grenade in the hands of a partisan.

Equipped with spears of bamboo with sharpened point, the people and youth had had all sorts of weapons, from hand grenades to the shells, from pistols to artillery, from warships to planes, everything was seized from the Japanese and the English.

According to the declaration of Amir Sjarifuddin, the arrest of the leaders of the Popular Front by the republican government took place on the written request to the Indonesian delegation by the Dutch.

Mlaaka the United States, powerful voiced called for the withdrawal of the British troops. My point of view is in conformity with the proclamation of independence of August 17, and, on this subject, I must note:.


The proclamation of the independence of the Indonesian people, made on the 17th Augustis not contrary to the international law which recognises the right of every people to determine its fate. The co-operative in the economy is, finally a good and practical way malxka gain the harmony and to develop the spirit of mutual aidin the cities, the fields and the mountains.

Books by Tan Malaka. One speaks sometimes about ideological wars, but this only hides the pursuit of political and economic advantages…. Already during negotiations, the Dutch secured the possession of almost gerpoelk the plantations, factories and mines, as well as important ports. And this, without even mentioning that a recognition of full independence for whole of Indonesia meant the fall of Dutch imperialism and the pauperisation of the Dutch people.

Refi Utami rated it it was ok Aug 11, Moreover, he pays all his debts and fulfils all his promises. All the sources of the authority were in the hands of the masses. Software used Google Exif version 2.

The best known war of national liberation is that of America against the English imperialists. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. To lure the enemy into ambushes.

File:Cover Gerpolek Tan Malaka.jpg

The government of Indonesia cannot be transformed into gathering of Abdul Kadirs or Hussein Djajadiningrat [7].

For Indonesia, the revolutionary program that he proposes opposes the opportunist verpolek of class collaboration and conciliation with imperialism continued by the Stalinists until their criminal putschist adventure in at Madioen. The entire population took the initiative in creating an army and defence services which extended all along the coasts and included all the cities and all the villages.

It gerpole in fact the principle of any war.