Geologia Regionalna Polski by Ewa Stupnicka, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , E. Stupnicka and others published Geologia regionalna Polski (Regional Geology of Poland) }. Geologia regionalna Polski Regional Geology of Poland. Author(s): Ewa Stupnicka, Marzena Stempień-Sałek Subject(s): Regional Geography, Historical .

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Kwartalnik geologiczny 3, Wydawnictwa Geologiczne Stupnicka, E. Origin and dynamics of Fe and Mn sedimentary layers in Lake Baikal. It lies at altitudes ranging from the sea level OdraRiver to Journal of Paleolimnology 29, Bayesian analysis of radiocarbon dates.

The History and Evolution of Lake Systems. Strength parameters of stable slopes built of clays considerably decrease under the influence of increasing moisture and thixotropy phenomenon. One of the potential areas for the development ofSzczecinis its northern part, i. This structural stage constitutes a single sedimentary-diastrophic cycle. Vegetation History and Archeobotany in press http: Seven Millennia of human impacts as reflected in a high resolution pollen profile from the profundal sediments of Litzelsee, Lake Constance region, Germany.

Hydrobiologia1, Mapa Geologiczna Polski 1: Wydawnictwa Geologiczne, Warszawa, pp. The outcrops of older rocks Devonian, Jurassic, Cretaceous and Neogene periods are rather rare.


Then landslide processes are triggered, as well as very slow, hardly noticeable in a short time, soil creep. Early diagenesis in anaerobic lake sediments – II.

Geologia Regionalna Polski

Geologia regionalna Europy, cz. Article Tools Print this article. The term tectonic supnicka is also used as a subordinate unit to structural level. To some extent it corresponds with sequences introduced in North America by Sloss, also associated with tectonic cycles. The kinds of landscape are: This area has both latitudinal and meridional extents of about 8 km, and is characterized by complicated engineering-geological conditions.

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Origin and composition of mineral constituents of fen peats from eastern Poland. Physical and geochemical methods. Environmental Archaeology 17, 1, Its landscape consists of hills and flat plateaux, which are cut by deep small valleys, some of them with streams e. Keywords Lithuania, glacial landscape, erratics, spit, gypsum karst, amber, mineral water. A comparison of SOM neural network and hierarchical clustering methods.

Instytut Paleogeografii i Ekologii. From classical to canonical ordination. Springer-Verlag, New York, pp. Ecological Questions 12, Heavy-mineral analysis as a tool in earth-scientific research Volume: Jurajskie dziedzictwo geologiczne Litwy i Polski.

The record of hydroclimatic changes in the sediments of kettle-hole in a Young glacial landscape north-central Poland. Handbook of Holocene Palaeoecology and Palaeohydrology. They are also characterised by a similar stage of metamorphosis. The complicated arrangement of deposit layers results in spatial variability of groundwater level, and proper design of building foundation is difficult, even in the case of a small, detached house.


The land is covered mainly by Quaternary sediments. Therefore, any structural stupnjcka is a product of one phase of the tectonic evolution of a continental platform which relates both to the crystalline basement and the sedimentary cover.

According to the definition by Depciuch and Lis it is “a set of tectonic structures formed by a single, distinct tectonic phase”. Symposium on cyclic sedimentation: Geologia regionalna Polski [Polish regional geology].

Guide-book for laboratory and field activity. Structural floor unit is currently used in the geological literature of Russia, Poland and other former Eastern Bloc countries as well as some Asian and Latin American countries. Biuletyn Peryglacjalny 34, Mapa geologiczna Polski w skali 1: