You asked for it here it is! The Project Planning Book written by Stacey David. Want to know the difference in this book and our previous project build book?. We just ordered some more and they will ship to you by 4/ Get your order in now while you can! Go check it out now. these are a great way to keep track of everything you do on your project.

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Stacey David

Having trouble posting or changing forum settings? The MG Experience www. As I jump into the effort of restoring my 73B, I started a chart I’m not anal-retentive or super-analytical, but that’s why I’ve learned to have a list. Yes, I searched the Experience but didn’t find anything.

Something specific to MGBs would be good. I can google generic stuff.

If not, that’s cool. I’ll make one and share. Simple categories like “Tasks”, “Parts” and “Tools”, and a way to keep photos would be cool, wouldn’t it? Any help would be welcome. But I’ll share my own creation for posterity if one really doesn’t exist! I wrote the MGB Purchase article that is still in the Library years ago, back then there wasn’t one of those either!

North of Seattle, N. You will need to do your own based on the level of restoration you are doing. Full out down to bare tub,every nut bolt and screw?

Or just a rolling restoration. Watch An Mg is Born on youtube,other members have posted their restorations in the member journals.

Stacey David – Wikipedia

Love “An MG is Born” series! Kinda motivated me to get on with it, actually along with “Wheeler Dealers” and “Fast n’ Loud. My concept is a practical combination between full-on rotisserie and rolling resto, knowing my limits. Over time I’ve come across some useful bits Mike Alexander’s Rebuild is one http: I thought there were enough dot points there to form the basis of a project plan, but never got round to it. Edited 2 time s.


Last edit at Dave’s site forum member has a great restoration of his once many colored MGB http: I donated to and use this spreadsheet I have used it for several restorations so far and found it to be very builld.

See the restoration process here: See post 8 in this thread for a list that Peter NOHOME posted – this plus many of the others here should make a great start on a comprehensive template. Guys, I’ve just written an article on this very subject that should be published in the next couple of months: I can’t release the article early but I can help personally. In reply to by John Reynolds See post 8 in this thread for a list that Peter NOHOME posted – this plus many of the others here should make a great start on a comprehensive template.

While not a project plan for a restoration, I use this “Systems” list to keep track when putting the project backtogeter from a bare shell. You could do the same list for dismantling.

Having items to cross off also keeps me motivated. Finish brake lines from gwarz to junction block 2. Install banjo for clutch slave cylinder 3. Clip lines under car 4. Find one missing clip for brake line hold-down P 5.

Install clutch slave 7. Finish rubber hose to fuel pump and tighten banjos 2. Build fuel line from pump to engine compartment 3. Compression fitting for fuel line 4. Tie fuel line under car 5.

Mount fuel pump gsarz. Tank to pump hard-line 7. Soft line to carbs 9. Overflow from floats Install heater control cable 3. Install defroster vents again 4. Heater cable to hot water valve on side of block 5.

Install flap door for heater Needs new seal 6. Trim clips for fresh air intake on scuttle the chrome thing 7. Paint Steering knuckle in eng compartment 2. Check all fasteners a U-joint b Rack left mounts c Rack right mounts d Tie rod ends e Tie rod jam nuts f Steering arms g Steering wheel.


Install vinyl dash pad McGregor 3. Replace foam on dashboard 4. Install instruments a Fuel b Temperature c Tachometer d Speedometer e Temp controls f 4 way flashers g Horn nook Turn signals i Brake light warning of failure j Choke cable 6. Install turn signal and wiper controls 7. Windshield stay rod 8. Interior rear view mirror System: Install rubber seals top of door to door glass 2. Install gasket under quarter geatz 3. Replace rubber in quarter lights 4. Polish quarter light trim 5. Prokect windows in door 6.

Install lock and door latch mechanism 7. Adjust the bloody things until happy with window action 8. Adjust doors for closing 9. Adjust quarter windows to avoid crack of doom Install door trim panel Install top rail recover if need be Install lock mechanism external System: Install front headlights Install rear running taillights Install back-up lights bui,d Install license plate lights rear System: Install front valence 2.

Install front bumper 5.

The MG Experience

Install rear bumper 6. Install filler pieces for rear bumper 7. Install chrome side trim 8. Install MG logo on rear deck 9. Install grill in front Install scuttle vent needs clips Install cockpit panels Install and bleed clutch slave cylinder Install windshield squinters Install oil cooler Install buffers for bonnet to fender Install hood support rod Install wiper blades Replace nuild axle pinion geagz Shorten battery cable Install choke cable Install gas pedal Install throttle cable Install alloy finishers at rear corners of bumper