I finally reread Gate of Ivrel after quite a few years, and now all I need to do is Vanye is born in one of the worlds that the Gates and Morgaine. Any career. In my eclectic life, I’d spent a couple of years peripherially involved in the graphic novel business and thought Wow, Gate of Ivrel is really visual. Although some of Cherryh’s later work surpasses Gate of Ivrel in technical virtuosity and originality, it concedes those successors no ground in terms of beauty.

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The Gates of Ivrel started strange.

The loyalty of a warrior of the nobility is given to one’s clan. After driving off Liell’s men with the deadly sword, they reach Thiye’s fortress.

Cherryh has, as usual, created a richly detailed geography and ethnography, and it’s a complex, fascinating world that this story plays out against. At the mountain they meet the Evil One, Liell — the evil counsellor they met earlier, who has been preserving himself ever-young by periodically glomming his spirit into younger bodies, with the help of the power of the Gates.

Gate of Ivrel starts out really strong, with a banished and bastard warrior observing a beautiful warrior “witch” ride out from some sort of time travel gate, located in a blasted landscape filled with Lovcraftian nasties and murderous men.

The story drew me in right away. Ludicrous cover aside, this is a real corker of a fantasy adventure with science fiction underpinnings. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Gate of Ivrel by C. On one extreme are the villainous alien quhal who are loyal only to themselves and have no compunction about betraying their own kind.


Vanye is a man who’s lost his gae honor, but which also gives him the freedom to fo free of the hyper-masculine narrative so tied to the genre.

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Customers who viewed this item also viewed. It’s as if they didn’t trust the readers to be able to handle the larger level of detail, but absolutely we can. Return to Book Page. We have all the prerequisite oaths, oath breaking, tribal codes, and exaggerated The Gate of Ivrel by C. Roh informs them that Morgaine is loose in the fortress and that Liell is dead. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

Now the task was to uproot these Gates, destroy their potency for mischief, take horror out of the hands of the few who hungered for power by misuse of the Gates. It begins with a long, incoherent, expository prologue that basically explains all the mysteries away—the story would have been much more interesting if these secrets had been reserved to be gradually revealed during the course of the sto Gate was Cherryh’s first published work, and at this point she apparently had not yet settled on the “tight, limited third person” style that has since become her standard, and as a result this novel is narratively much looser and sloppier than her later works.


Cherryh offers action and thrills without over-the-top wish-fullfilment. The story line is, on surface at least, one of revenge, though honor and duty are also wrapped up in the mix.

However, I first gave this book a chance about twenty years ago, and have read it three times since. Morgaine, the “witch,” sports some space age weaponry, and a fascinatingly deadly sword called Changeling. I bogged down in Downbelow Stationsaid ciao!

The same with characters.

Gate of Ivrel

Learn more about Amazon Prime. This site uses cookies. The outcomes of these internal wars drive the plot. Must read next gwte. Quotes from Gate of Ivrel.

Truly hate the choice of reader. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

Get to Know Us. She is set free, though without her sword, while he is forced to remain behind by his brother Erij, now the lord of Nhi.

Gate of Ivrel – Wikipedia

igrel Everyone has a reason for his or her actions, and these reasons are grounded all the way down in the backstory. One of the things I rapidly learned with these two characters was not to let them take themselves too seriously. Also the hero is often at a disadvantage, and is often At someone else’s Mercy.