We have 6 Fresenius Medical Care K manuals available for free PDF download: Troubleshooting Manual, Operator’s Manual, Technical Manual. View and Download Fresenius Medical Care K operator’s manual online. K Hemodialysis Machine Operator’s Manual. K pdf manual download. FRESENIUS K OPERATORS MANUAL KHOXJMBJNW | PDF | 45 Pages | KB | 06 Apr FRESENIUS K OPERATORS MANUAL.

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Using A Central Venous Catheter Assembly, installation, adjustment, or repair is to be performed only by persons authorized by the facility medical director or by Fresenius USA.

Lowering the venous pressure by reducing the blood flow rate can also be effective, if using a high-permeable dialyzer. About Hemodialysis Fresenihs or pyrogen reactions may also result from contamination of the extracorporeal circuit or inadequate procedures used to reuse dialyzers.

If alarm is not cleared, take the communication problem machine out of service and alert a qualified technician.

Place the dialysate supply lines on the shunt 2. New Since your Last Visit. K Less than minimum value Entered parameter is smaller than Dialog Verify that the minimum value is acceptable.

Fresenius Medical Care K Manuals

Equipment Storage And Maintenance If unable to reset fresenuus alarm, call your local qualified technician.


Frequency of disinfection and length of the dwell time depend on the disinfectant and shall be determined by acceptable culture result. Section 27 – “act Blood Pump Failed Page 85 The transmembrane pressure TMP is equal to the venous pressure minus the dialysate pressure measured in mm Hg. Concentrate And Bicarb Pumps The machine will normally go into a Fill program when the dialyzer is first connected to the dialyzer lines, and the air within the dialyzer is being purged.

K Dial Valve Failure 1 Electronic self-test failure. Test Equipment Needed Alarm And Pressure Holding Tests Observe the system for fluid leaks and discontinue treatment if you are unable to correct any fluid leak quickly.


Acid concentrate Pump Volume Calibration Follow the instructions of the chemical manufacturer for residual testing. Error copying data into Flash ROM Alarm If this message occurs in dialysis mode, take the blood pump module Blood Pump Message while in service mode out of service and alert a qualified technician. Machine alarms may not occur in every blood loss situation 5. If the machine fails these tests and the cause cannot be corrected, it should not be used for treatment.


Fresenius Medical Care 2008K Operator’s Manual

Electronic Circuit Description General Warnings This section contains general warnings statements regarding the use and maintenance of 2008kk Fresenius K hemodialysis machine.

Bicarbonate Pump Volume Calibration See Transmembrane Pressure maintenance Page Other Sodium Page 84 The drip chamber and transducer are connected via a pressure line that runs from the chamber to venous pressure port P located on the front of the module.

Keep access sites uncovered and monitored. Its no wonder they dont have a new machine, they keep wasting time on this machine.

Administer saline as prescribed. Chapter 3—Setting Treatment Parameters New Treatment Key When the K is first turned on in preparation for frewenius operation after a long power downall treatment parameters revert to their default settings.

Page 96 The calculated, urea-distribution, fluid volume of the patient. Other Options There are other options on these screens that may not be specifically described here. I think odog is right.