FM3A Film SLR User Manual. What is this? This is the “FM3A Film SLR User Manual” in Adobe PDF format. Nikon user manuals available from. View and Download Nikon FM3A instruction manual online. FM3A Digital Camera pdf manual download. Nikon FM3A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Nikon FM3A Instruction Manual.

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Enter text from picture: It is manyal superb lens, compact and sharp, and it looks great on the camera, especially with its unique convex hood. The added content here are within the best capacity of my knowledge.

Self-Timer Photography Mmanual The self-timer is useful when you want to include yourself in a group shot or to prevent camera shake. The guide rails are wide, precisely machined and made of stainless steel.

Nikon FM3a instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

Lens Compatibility Lens Compatibility Any of the following lenses can be used with this camera. The meter of the camera is switched on when the film advance lever is moved away from the body and the shutter lightly depressed.

Page 7 Film confirmation window Film anti-curl roller Film-takeup spool p. This zealous workmanship has a practical side: Why did Nikon do that at the start of the digital era?

Depth of Field When you focus on your subject, you will find that not only is the subject itself in focus but objects in a certain distance range both in front of and behind the subject appear reasonably sharp. Return the film-advance lever to its folded position. Page 47 Tips How to distinguish the applicable types.

Note that the following lenses and accessories cannot be attached to this camera. The FM3a appeals primarily to photographers interested in full control over their photography, as well as reliability and durability in a camera to be used hard out of doors. However, we hope you will also learn more ad- vanced photographic techniques to take full advan- tage of the wonderful capabilities of your Nikon camera.


Like the Samurai of legend, Nikon took a stand in a battle they knew they would lose. Between an onslaught of digital and autofocus cameras, surprisingly, the market for a totally manual camera held strong. The FM3a was itself a response from Nikon to the FE2 and FM2’s increase in values after their discontinuance coinciding with the introduction of auto-focus cameras.

In manual mode, speeds slower than 1 second require use of ‘B’. While Minolta went whole heartedly into the eye control thingie, and Canon actually changed lens mounts, Nikon only got on board when they thought it was a truly necessary endeavor. Maybe it was just a matter of Japanese pride.

Rewinding the Film When the end of the roll of film is reached, the film-advance lever will not advance further. Shutter Speed and Aperture Setting The shutter-speed setting specifies the length of time the film will be exposed by opening and closing of the shutter curtains, while the aperture setting determines the amount of light that passes through the lens.

Slowly press the shutter-release button all the way. EV stands for Exposure Value, which indicates the exposure settings, For example: Though Nikon has long since adopted other automatic exposure modes — including shutter priorityprogram, and variable program — many photographers still find the simpler semi-automatic AE feature of the FM3a appealing.

Sadly, in January of Nikon formally announced the discontinuance of the FM3A, and the dedicated production line was informed by email. To hold horizontally To hold vertically How to press the shutter-release button The shutter-release button of this camera has a 2-step mechanism. Notice Take a few test shots before shooting important events like weddings or graduations. Both Nikon and third-party flash units can be mounted in the FM3a’s hot shoe and used in manual or non-TTL auto modes.

Nikon FM3A Instruction Manual

Please read this instruction manual carefully for complete details on getting the most from your Nikon FM3 Your new Nikon FM3 features a Manual Exposure mode for total control of exposure, as well as a semi-automatic Aperture-Priority Exposure mode. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.


Hence, diehard Nikon fanboys never left the stable. The photographer selects “A” on the shutter speed dial, switches on the meter in the normal way, and selects the F-stop on the lens, and the camera body selects the shutter speed steplessly. Keep your left elbow propped against your body to keep the camera steady.

Message Board for your Nikkor optics ” shared ” because I do wish some of you to expose to other’s perspective as well. Slowly depress the shutter- release button all the way. Retrieved from ” http: It is easier to understand, with lots of related guides on photography.

Controls In Detail Controls in Detail To use the camera skillfully, you need to understand its functions and features. Pull out the film-advance lever and lightly press the shutter- release button Check that the exposure-meter needle moves in the viewfinder.

Nikon FM3a – The Last Mohican

Earlier versons of the 35mm F2. With the FM3the filter factor need not be considered except with the R60 filter. Lens Compatibility Any of the following lenses can be used with this camera. Remember that the digitization of all that was photographic was in full gear.

An LED light also glows steadily when the flash is ready, and blinks once after the flash is fired and correct exposure is achieved. Well, kudos to Nikon. TTL flash With the TTL flash system, the camera measures the flash of a speedlight reflected from the subject to obtain the proper level of flash illumination.