Fallout PnP – Looking for a player or two · Skyeris, Aug 19, Replies: 0. Views: Skyeris: Aug 19, AlbinoGiraffe. h1. *_FALLOUT_* h2. _*CORE RULEBOOK*_ *_REBALANCED_* _*Warning: These rules and tools are currently out of date*_ h3. Fallout: PNP RPG rules. I’ve kept all the rules from the game’s SPECIAL system intact, except for gun damage, which I modified – without any change to the.

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Thats one way to do it Submit a new link. Setting up your own system to fit is alright, keeping to some of the official system even, as long as people know that’s the case. Medicine is First Aid and Doctor in 1 skill.

Simple system

PyroJul 29, With that in mind, here are the current differences between my thingie and Mical’s: I’d rather expand my understanding of how the actual game system worked and incorporate that into the PNP rule system. Your name or email address: Do not submit video game content unless the game is based on a tabletop RPG property and is newsworthy. It’s worth reading so as to give you ideas to adapt to whatever overall rules you want to use.


Ah, you can simplify things or study them obsessively to know them better. This rule set came directly from a single player game with a save feature. McCabbeJul 22, My campaigns took place in the Four Corners Area. July 30, So, my question is how do I contact these individuals? These rules were written to coincide with a framework I built for the Maptools platform.

Fallout PNP additions and revisions

Looks like Jason has given me permission, so long as I credit him somewhere in my docs. Calculating exactly what dice, how many, and then the added damage for many of the weapons kept me busy for about a week.

Do not link to, request or encourage piracy in any way. Yes, my password is: I looked at this group https: And the perks for these aren’t exactly purchased, it’s like the gecko skinning perk. I PMed two administrators about it. This material was never really intended for others to see because, well, I was always like a dragon guarding it’s hoard. Taloswind updated the wiki page Weapon and Armor Conditions. It is in the Mojave vicinity but everyone in the area here knows it as the Four Corners, Midwest, or Rocky Mountain region, but whatever.

The Rules in here have been altered to fit into the world of Fallout faallout, 2, and Tactics, with game balancing mechanics to accompany a PNP style game with multiple players.


Comments deemed abusive may be removed by moderators. Traps also are Explosives and Survival is Outdoorsman and stuff like skinning Pp and other. It is indeed a fan group and I aim to support both 2E and 3E rulesets.

PyroJul 30, I always made most dialog up as I went while sticking to the storyline but I could make up some sample dialog too if interest were high enough. That said, Perks is what is giving me the most work.

Do you have any particular repair rules and rules falllout creating herb medicine and poisons like healing powder?

Fallout PnP | FANDOM powered by Wikia

McCabbeJul 25, I do the latter. The above image is licensed under GPL 2.

Hit Points – base amount is the same as in PnP, but You don’t gain HP as you progress, You have to buy them for XP, so if someone doesn’t want to buy them and focus on skills or perks he can do that.