Find great deals for Electro Voice EV Evms Series 2 II Speaker. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Electro Voice 12″ Speaker EVM 12s Series II 8 Ohms Watts Guitar Speaker. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Older OEM Electro Voice EVMS guitar speaker. Cone is in good shape and the speaker sounds excellent. A little dusty from storage though.

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Jun 18, Nov 6, 9. Maybe someone is using EVMS model also. GuitarsFromMars and ChorusCrackpot like this.

Electro Voice EV Evms Series 2 II Speaker | eBay

EV is short for Electro Voice and so a lot of people use that acronym. I have absolutely no experience with EV speakers so any info is very helpful.

The bass is a little lighter. I’ve had both and dont hear much differnce in a guitar cab.

Jakeboy and Blue Marvel like this. Nov 6, Log in or Sign up. Originally Posted by LoopQuantumIt would never work. There was a big thread about it here: I should have kept mine.


Do you already have an account? How does the price sound?

RobertitoJun 16, I like the 12s, but it has a colored sound. The S is a little smoother. This is why you’ll find them in set ups from guitar to keyboards to full range PA’s. I wanted to say it when I got older mostly because my friends would nag me about saying itbut I just didn’t want to end the streak of not-saying it I vem up accidentally saying it to my girlfriend at the time.

WyzardMay 21, Nov 6, 8.

EVM12L vs EVM12S

Then I might grab it. The cone is a 75hz not a 55hz. Your name or email address: To be fair this thread is from the previous decade and no on knew anything in the aughts.

Nov 6, 4. Thanks very much 1s2 the highly informative info guys, much appreciated as always Al. Nov 6, 7. Nov 6, 5. I’d love to give an SRO a go one of these days.


Your name or email address: Originally Posted by BrendanOThere is something very wrong with a situation when I’d rather sleep with the naked cowboy. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. Does any of you have experience with that speaker? Home Forums Recent Posts.

I’ve been wanting a simple 1×12″ cab with high wattage rating a long time so this might be my answer. AlexFJun 16, Discussion in ‘ 1s and Cabs ‘ started by cedjazzNov 6, Again, I hear no difference – identical amps Peavey Special s – no difference. Nov 6, 6.

That and the Altec were HAD favorites. Share This Page Tweet. Is there a difference? I remember doing a comparison between the 12L and the 12S loaded into identical amps and I could not hear a discernible difference – both sounded amazing.

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