Cisto sacular congênito da laringe O cisto sacular da laringe é uma das causas de estridor laríngeo no recém-nascido, sendo diagnóstico diferencial de . Quiste sacular congénito de laringe: reporte de un caso y revisión de la literatura. sacular laríngeo congénito y su tratamiento mediante abordaje endoscópico y . Cuestas G. Quiste sacular congénito de laringe: una causa rara de estridor. TRAQUEOMALACIA Debilidad de las paredes de la tráquea obstrucción de vía aérea con la inspiración. LARINGOMALACIA CLÍNICA.

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Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. Laryngotracheal anomalies in children with craniofacial syndromes. Gastroesophageal reflux in patients with subglottic stenosis.

Cysts of the larynx–classification. Saccular cyst is a benign supraglottic lesion that is usually unilateral, does not have an opening to the laryngeal ventricle and is greater than 1cm 3.

Case reports

Own elaboration based on the data obtained in congennito study. Le larynx de lenfant. The treatment of estridorr pathology is mainly surgical and includes the aspiration of the cystic content with needle and marsupialization, and cobgenito cyst excision via endoscopy or external approach 17, Contrast computed tomography CT of the larynx with 3D reconstruction under sedation was requested to assess the extension of the lesion.

Case report and literature review. Stridor in the neonate and infant. Diagnosis can be made through imaging studies such as lateral radiography of soft tissues of the neck, where a sac full of mucus is visualized in the supraglottic region; using CT or nuclear magnetic resonance is also possible. Radiofrequency ablation of laryngeal saccular cyst in infants: Cysts of esttidor Infant Larynx.


Its definitive treatment is surgical according to the literature. Case report and literature review Palabras clave: Diagnostic nasofibrolaryngoscopy was performed, finding a cystic-appearing lesion that occupied the right piriform sinus and obstructed the airway Figure 1. Rev Bras Otorrinolaringol ; Respiratory manifestations of gastroesophageal reflux disease in pediatric patients.

Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol. Paediatr Respir Rev ;5: Congenital laryngeal saccular cyst: When it occurs in neonates and is associated with respiratory distress, it must be treated urgently. M onnier P, editor.

Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg estrjdor The definitive management, as stated in the literature, is microlaryngoscopy, since most reports and case series use CO 2 laser for endoscopic resection 3,19, The second may be congeniot consequence of sac obstruction secondary to neoplasia, trauma or inflammation with subsequent fibrosis A propos de observations.

Os resultados foram apresentados de forma descritiva e em percentuais, sendo confrontados com os dados da literatura. Lateral saccular cysts of the larynx.

The case reported here estridir to a newborn patient with respiratory distress and stridor, who was diag nosed with laryngeal saccular cyst that was re sected surgically by means of endoscopy and radiofrequency, with no subsequent recurrence. Of all the articles reviewed, only the series by Kumar et al.

The sac is a diverticular structure that lies between the ventricular bands and the vocal cords, projects vertically upward between the base of the epiglottis and the medial portion of the thyroid cartilage, and contains a stratified and cylindrical pseudostratified squamous epithelium with large numbers of mucous glands, which are believed to be used for the lubrication of the vocal cords 10,4.


In this case, not only the cyst was resected, but a vestibulectomy was also performed, leading to a lower risk of recurrence 1. Presentation of a case report and literature review in PubMed and Tripdatabase using the described keywords.

Services on Demand Journal. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol ; Aetiology, diagnosis and management.

Congenital laryngeal saccular cyst

Muitas delas provocam sintomas graves, indicando-se traqueotomia, como observado neste estudo. Ann Otol Rhinol Laringol ; Suppl Saccular cyst in an infant: Laryngomalacia and its treatment. Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol Extra. Considering the circumstances, a checkup with microlaryngoscopy was performed 8 days after surgery, and adequate healing of the lesion and non-reproduction of cyst, glottis and free subglottis were observed Figure 3.

Contrast coronal CT scan of the neck showing a cystic lesion extending from the piriform sinus to the trachea with a significant decrease in the caliber of the airway. The patient presented with respiratory deterioration 10 minutes after birth due to severe stridor and dysphonia.

Int J Phonosurg Laryngol.