PDFs print without a problem. ERROR: invalidfont. OFFENDING COMMAND: xshow. It will begin the doc ok but stop in the middle and spit out a. Are you getting an error when printing from Adobe that says “Cambria not found, using Error: invalidfont; OffendingCommand: show ]%%. I have the following problem: (a) a few days ago my Adobe Acrobat stopped creating pdfs, giving the Error: typecheck; OffendingCommand: findfont ]%%.

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This makes the information you got from Invaliddfont understandable. Edit Answer for another 8 minutes. Screen capture or print screen is built in with windows. Well based on what little you have mentioned. Hmm, there are a number of options in that link you posted. A download of the font returned everything back to normal in Adobe. Posted by smartchoices on 17 Invalicfont 6: No PDF file produced.

Not even Acrobat 9 is supported anymore. This will also reinstall all its fonts. What software do you use to print to PDF? Click OK, and then click OK. I am getting the error from MS Word with a document that uses Calibri 10 pt.

Distiller 8.1.2 – Error: invalidfont; OffendingCommand

Sun Jan 25, 2: Acrobat 8 has reached it’s end of life, so you can no longer get support from Adobe for this version. I have found ways of making the initial file smaller and thought that if i ran it through distiller it would compress offwndingcommand even further.


I am holding off doing this because I work with MS Word it is associated with an Act database that I have and I do no want to have compatibility issues with the new software. PDFs print without a problem. Resintalling Adobe does not solve the problem and I am told that preferences must be changed.

Acrobat Distiller problems!!

Sun Jan 25, 7: If at all possible, it needs to be a pdf. Hi, it is basically a job sheet with various images and text on it.

Your email address will not be published. I finally got around to re-installing Adobe Acrobat. Findfont errors in files created using the TinyDict file s The digital gremlins got at one of the TinyDict html files. All times are GMT. The error message usually points to a problem with one of the base 14 fonts used by Distiller. Offendinggcommand your printer couldn’t find it.

Perhaps I can copy it somehow and rename it as TTF? Font cannot be embedded. Offenddingcommand problems seem to have occured after I recently installed PhotoShop Elements 2. But now I get error messages like this: I went into the Distiller software, preferences and note that the invalifont “Courier” is not listed in C: Do you see Courier or Courier Regular in your fonts directory?

Please enter a title. No PDF file produced. If I uninstall all fonts on my computer and then re-download the default ones what happens to the language fonts that I use now?

Acrobat Distiller problems!!

You need access to the fonts which came with Acrobat in the first place. Correct Answers – 10 points. Jul 17, Posts: Does any of the two files create a PDF file? If you are running on a not supported version of the OS, and you ended up with e.


How do I know which fonts are the base fonts for Windows? Clyde, Acrobat 8 has reached it’s end of life, so you can no longer get support from Adobe for this version. Thu Feb 12, 8: See your documentation to determine the version that you have.

Also, having too many fonts will slow down the system as they load at boot time, so trimming them down to what you actually use or encounter in documents is a good idea. Check tht directory structure and configuration files on the RIP. I believe that in acrobat 6 standard the problems were pretty much fixed Because the font had been corrupted, Adobe was unable to complete its protocol.

Click Start, and then click Printers and Faxes. Win7 does not let me delete the Courier font because it is part of the operating system. I installed those extra fonts over a year ago.

As far as trimming down the fonts, I would like to but I have no way of ascertaining which fonts are which. I have been searching the net, Adobe support knowledgebase and these forums for an solution to the following problem s. However, after I did this Offrndingcommand started getting i “Unable to find or create the font But I am still getting this error.