El mundo según Garp has ratings and reviews. Mike said: Dull, dull , dull. Boring people doing boring things. Even the sex is boring.I’ve. Robin Williams and Glenn Close in The World According to Garp () Robin Williams in The World According to Garp El mundo según Garp See more». El Mundo Segun Garp / The World According to Garp by John Irving, , available at Book Depository with free delivery.

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The first sign I should have seen that this wasn’t going to be a good book was that it is “semi-autobiographical” about t When I first started my plan to read all the classics, I didn’t have any rules for allowing myself to quit partway through.

El mundo según Garp

Irving could have summed up the stories to keep the book moving along, but he setun. Garp killed one of his children and blinded the other, because of his unjustifiable jealousies and yet never showed any guilt or even grief.

The more I read john Irving the more self indulgent he becomes. I guess this subject and how Garp came to be was probably a BFD in but now it’s just like, who cares? People upper class feminists tend to hate.

Published by Mondadori IT first published The World According to Garp Excuse me if I got the name wrong. To be fair, it’s gar about thirty years since I read Garp so I may be misremembering it somewhat, or, to some extent, mixing it up with the movie adaptation. Don’t let this one get away-it doesn’t deserve to be missed!

El Mundo Segun Garp / The World According to Garp

Boring people doing boring things. At least there’s an epilogue and it’s not pages and just ends because that might have spun me into a murderous rage. Yes No Report this. The World According to Garp 7.


I bought it brand new and brought it on holiday with me last August. My local library has this categorized as “Teen Fiction”. The World According to Garp appears to take the view that sex is essentially evil, and only forgivable when procreation is the goal.

I can see the value in this book as an exemplary work of contemporary fiction, but I was halfway through and still not enjoying it.

El Mundo Segun Garp / The World According to Garp : John Irving :

People upper class femi This book gave me the creeps as a teenager. Was he saying that conformity is a bad thing? His relationship with his gar; seems strained even though Jenny doesn’t strike me as being unloving. Garpin maailma ei spoilereita 8 14 Nov 13, I gave it pages and was still not enjoying it, so sadly I had to but it back on my shelf.

Garpin maailma koko kirja 9 22 Nov 29, That’s two counts of time wasting, that should be considered death by firing squad in some countries. His first novel, Setting Free the Bears, was published inwhen he was twenty-six. Wish I could give negative stars!! I initially gave this two stars, because the writing’s not terrible Garp would probably call it something like ‘very well-written trash’but — but. Seegun Garp Peter Michael Goetz Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

The World According to Garp () – IMDb

Even the sex is boring. If the son is famous, write about the son.

If I were to start it now, I doubt I’d make it past page Garp born of “extraordinary circumstances” grows up to be a mediocre writer and husband, and you’re subjected to his mediocre writing because parts of his stories are included so it’s a story within a story and they’re referenced throughout so you have to read them.


Seriously, nothing happens in this book until those chapters and they are the most eventful. One of the worst books I put up with! Jenny gets a free pass for raping a comatose soldier because that assault results in conception sorry for the spoiler but it happens on the first page so it’s not as though you were going to be enjoying the suspense for very longbut every act of non-procreative, consensual intercourse in the story winds up being punished one way or another, sometimes horrifyingly.

The book should have been about Duncan and his life with a transsexual wife. This book gave me the creeps as a teenager.

Both start Dull, dull, dull. To sum up my long winded loathing of this book: He also stated at one sefun “He thought of Walt, and what a perfect little ass he had”.

At the end of the day, Garp is a book about boring people being boring. There were so many times he switched gears, or would drift off on another subject for several pages, only to return to the story just so he can drift off again.