She’s never given much thought to the eight locked rooms above her uncle’s workshop in the barn; that is, not until she finds a key with her name on it. “Eight Keys” is a children’s novel by Suzanne LaFleur that follows the struggles of Elise Bertrand as she begins sixth grade, deals with a bully named Amanda. LaFleur’s second novel is a quiet and emotionally honest coming-of-age story chronicling Elise’s journey into middle school. Elise has lived.

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Eight Keys Summary & Study Guide

The cons of this book is that there could have been a little more detail in how she found the keys, where she found them, and when she found them. To top off these events she is getting bullied by this mean girl at school. When Elise and Franklin start duzanne school, things feel all wrong. Be the first to discover new talent!

Franklin, of course, didn’t comment on my yucky legs. Parents dead, mysterious notes are found, bullied at school and a key that can open a door that will help or hold back. In this book Elise tells her story of how she found the 8 keys and what they lead to. Open Preview See a Problem? I liked that she had a friendship with her Dad’s best buddy.

Eight Keys explores many of the thoughts, feelings, insecurities and experiences that children go through in school, especially during that awkward stage between being a child and a teenager.

When I had a crisscross of at least twenty peach bandages over my tan legs, I realized that trying to hide the scabs was even worse that just letting them show. There’s always been a barn behind the house with eight locked doors on the second floor. Write a customer review.


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At school, Elise begins to befriend a girl named Caroline, who turns out to be the longtime best friend of Amanda. It’s not hard to guess which one I forgot. I hope a lot of kids read this book as see this family dynamic is healthy and strong. View all 11 comments. I didn’t mind getting dressed with Franklin around, especially since he was always certain to fix his eyes on a point on the wall and stare straight ahead.

Based on my opinion of Love, Aubrey and the summary of this one, I decided to read this book. Probably if Elise has told her teacher more than twice that her lunch was smashed instead of assuming that she didn’t care it would have solved her problem. This is the story of Elise. And not nearly as often as it should be. Sep 04, Cathe Olson rated it it was ok.

Now, I get it – sometimes when you are down in the dumps you don’t want to do your homework and you don’t want to talk to anyone. Sep 17, Lo rated it it was ok Shelves: I just didn’t buy it. Sasquatch and the Muckleshoot.

Dec 04, J. Elise is too self-aware when she questions her new habit of calling Franklin names: Now, playing with him has become a liability and opens her up to bullying.

She then explored the room and was surprised. Emerson Lloyd If you read frequently like every night, while on the bus, or when before the bell rings, then you will finish it on time!!


And I liked Uncle Hugh and Aunt Bessie, too pretty idyllic surrogate parents therebut unrealistic in their response to finding out Elise was doing none of her homework. The biggest keyys she learns is finding the way to her own path and the type of person she wants to become. The locker assignments seemed to be alphabetical, because across from my name, Elise Bertrand, was Amanda Betterman.

Ness, Patrick, Published: Was it a silly thing to do, really? Hardcoverpages. Apparently cool sixth graders don’t play.

They have streaky hair and short skirts. Adjusting to a new school becomes even harder when Elise has to adjust to a new baby in the house as well after her aunt moves in. I cried through most of the second half of the book. Elise loves living with them and gets lots of love and care from the both of them.

My ghost killed by decapitation, I ekys for a minute to watch Franklin.

And the main character was also annoying. A key that unlocks one of the eight doors upstairs in the bar.

Summaries and Excerpts: Eight keys / Suzanne LaFleur.

If a child tells you that her lunch was smashed in her locker, the first time it was maybe an accident, but if it happens again, maybe try to figure out the problem. Elise and Franklin have pafleur been best friends. This is a very good book and I definitely reomemend it.