This book originated from a series of papers which were published in “Die Naturwissenschaften” in Its division into three parts is the reflection of a . It is suggested that the concept of a hypercycle should be formally M. Eigen. Naturwissenschaften, 58 (), p. Eigen et al., “more RNA in replicators”. BOTH. FIRST more replicators: ecosystem based solution. Hypercycles (Eigen’s original solution). Emergence of higher levels of.

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Spiral Waves as hyperccyle Substrate for Prebiotic Evolution”. Forty years after the publication of Manfred Eigen’s primary work dedicated to hypercycles, [1] Nilesh Vaidya and colleagues showed experimentally that ribozymes can form catalytic cycles and networks capable of expanding their sizes by incorporating new members. Existence of more than one such RNA template could make translation possible.

The hypercycle. A principle of natural self-organization. Part A: Emergence of the hypercycle.

Assuming that at high concentration x the term k i can be neglected, and, moreover, in the hypercycle, a template can be replicated only by itself and the previous member of the cycle, the equation can be simplified to: As a result, not only does the system gain information, but its information content can be improved. Belknap Press of Harvard Univ. Eigen and colleagues argued that simple package of genes cannot solve the information integration problem and hypercycles cannot be simply replaced by compartments, but compartments may assist hypercycles.

It was suggested that the problem with building and maintaining larger, more complex, and more accurately replicated molecules can be circumvented if several information carriers, each of them storing a small piece of information, are connected such that they only control their own concentration. Hypercycles stable against parasites”.

Later, he indicated that a general polymerase leads to the death of the system. One possibility of linking different chains I —which is relatively easy to achieve taking into account the quasispecies properties—is that the one chain I improves the synthesis of the similar chain I.

A principle of natural self-organization. Moreover, it has been shown that hypercycles hypercyvle originate naturally and that incorporating new molecules can extend them [source? To overcome this problem, a more specialized replication machinery that is able to copy genetic information with higher fidelity is needed.


Eigen introduces the hypercycle concept [1]. The hypercycle is a cycle of connected, self-replicating macromolecules.

This RNA-dependent RNA polymerase catalysed the replication of sequences that had specific motifs recognized by this replicase. The replication enzymes ensure the more accurate RNAs’ replication as compared with quasispecies, providing opportunities for further macromolecular structure improvements. For effective competition, the different hypercycles should be placed in separate compartments. During replication, molecules form complexes I i E i -1 occurring with concentration z i.

This eiggen be a solution to the error threshold problem, which states that, in a system without ideal replicationan excess of mutation events would destroy the ability eiegn carry information and prevent the creation of larger and fitter macromolecules.

According to current estimations, the maximum length of a replicated chain that can be correctly reproduced and maintained in enzyme -free systems is about baseswhich is assumed to be insufficient to encode replication machinery. These problems include difficulty in the transport of ingredients in and out, synchronizing hyperycle synthesis of new copies of the hypercycle constituents, and division of the growing compartment hyperfycle to a packing problem.

When a model of replicating molecules was created, [1] [2] it was found that, for effective storage of informationmacromolecules on prebiotic Earth could not exceed a certain threshold length. In this way, the system consisting of all chains can be expressed as a single, integrated entity. However, it was recently shown that those limitations could in principle be overcome by the assembly of active polymerase ribozymes from several short RNA strands.

Hypercycles are just another in the long line of Evolutionary just so stories that are invented to try to explain the origin of life by natural processes. However, in reality, the cooperation of hypercycles would be extremely difficult, because it requires the existence of a complicated multi-step biochemical mechanism or an incorporation of more than two types of molecules.

Usually, even large fluctuations in the numbers of internal species cannot weaken the hypercycle enough to destroy it. One of the harshest criticism of the hypercycles scheme that is raised by biologists, including evolutionists, is the possibility or even the inevitability of mutants arise at any step of this process.


Thus, the total concentration of molecules x i 0 and y i 0 will be the sum of free molecules and molecules involved in a complex:. In addition, the mentioned macromolecules cooperate to provide primitive translation abilities, so the information, coded in RNA-sequences, is translated into enzymes, analogously to the usual translation processes in biological objects.

However, this rapid growth was a threat to the emerging system, as the whole system could lose control over the relative amount of the RNAs with enzymatic function. They must have the ability to replicate itself and produce enzymes, that means, have a metabolism.

He also underlined hypercycle vulnerability to parasites, as they are favoured by selection. After that, the whole individualized and compartmentalized hypercycle can behave like a simple self-replicating entity.

The hypfrcycle of the elementary hypercycle can be modelled using the following differential equation: In consequence, the system loses its internal stability and cannot live on.

The sequence I i provides the matrix to reproduce itself and a matrix to build the protein E i. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Using these assumptions, we obtain the following equations: Without compartments, genome integration would boost competition by limiting space and resources.

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. Moreover, it rigen shown that the genome size of any organism is roughly equal to the inverse of mutation rate per site per replication. In the initial works, the compartmentalization was stated as an evolutionary consequence of the hypercyclic organization.

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This page was last edited on 11 Septemberat Manfred Eigen suggested that proteins are necessary to accomplish this task. This makes them still nothing more than mere speculation and, while the hypothesis has been a recurring theme in the scientific literature about the origin of life, it is not frequently mentioned anymore in recent publications in the field.

Cooperative and competitive behavior of hypercycles”. Journal of Systems Chemistry. Emergence of the Hypercycle”].