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Remember this when we get to step 5. Run a ground wire to one of the outside legs of the pot. Look at it this way, low signal voltage, low fuel requirements. If this occurs you may or may not get a check engine light alerting you to the “defective oxygen sensor”, but for sure your gas mileage will get very bad. But your D17 EFIE problems are probably due to the fact that the original design has only a few discreet values that you can use for your comparative voltage.

AlexR Senior Member Posts: Consider the conditions needed for the ECU to accept lean fuel commands. With your probes in the two test points, you’ll be reading the voltage offset being supplied by the EFIE, and this is the setup you need for EFIE adjustment. For a low monthly subscription, these guys give you everything you need: Otherwise, you’ll have to collect the components from several sources.

Water4Gas Interactive Troubleshooter

If you lost power and vacuum, crank it the other way about 8 degrees and test again. Some vehicles may have 2 bank sensors. First of all, why would you want to disconnect the car’s battery?

If you have a rear-wheel-drive with a belt driven fan, you can still add too much temperature offset. Another small detail that might throw you if I didn’t point efe out.


A voltage adding type of efie cannot be set above about. The computer expects to see the sensor going above and below.

Most of the world uses a version that has a 5 volt VREF reference voltage, or in other words the signalground, and DC signal wire. This product will work with all wide band oxygen sensors and AFR sensors. I have determined that adding resistance to the ground of the MAP does work, but not at the levels in the article. A parallel circuit offers 2 paths of travel for the voltage.

Both of these units have been designed to be economical, easy to install, and easy to adjust to your particular car and fuel saver combination. The EFIE solves this by adjusting the signal to the computer so the computer is happy with the readings it’s getting and it’s making the correct adjustments for the various conditions of the engine.

So it is not a voltage adder at all. Hi just a quick update!! What is different in safety to the engine than what we are doing with O2 extenders or other EFIE designs. However, the information is not available for all cars and trucks.


The list will now expand to show what type of emission-related sensors and parts are available in that specific vehicle. I connected up the D17 to the rest of the chip outputs but it wasnt enough to make any difference to the idle.

The ScanGauge can tell you what temp it’s seeing. Without HHO D7 get Oxygen sensors for many years were of a single type.

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If you read the EFIE Installation Instructions below, you’ll see there’s another reason to have a good wiring diagram for your car. If it is a product you have purchased, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. You will probably find adjusting the EFIE to be frustrating at first.

D117 spring pressure will lower lean-out limits. HHO woes Mike Thanks a lot for your post. Meyer Lawton Boyce and many more. That’s the dead give-away. The plans can be found on the Internet: Yes, this article is very long. After warming up, the sensor will resume normal operation and will put out voltage as described above. It’s purpose is to make it possible for other fuel efficiency devices to work. Most of the world uses similar resistance values to equate a given temperature.


I recommend you turn that EFIE back to about mv and see what kind of mileage you get on that setting. And 1d7 dual-pot version would look like this:. HHO woes Guys at mv boost to the O2 sensor the car is driving well with good power.

Usually the vehicle runs perfectly fine, no codes are set, and the stock mileage evie typical d71 that type of vehicle. You might want to do the temp sensor modifications as the final step.

Wide bands will have 5 wires. If you’re a s17 and want to know the ins and outs of the device intimately, and take pleasure in building a project such as this, then by all means go for it. But if you have any doubt about the type of sensor you have, they are doubly valuable. Then I found out that it must be in a specific format Year, Make, Model, Engine ; you can change the sequence for example Make, Engine, Model, Yearbut you must add efiw and leave spaces after each comma.

You can attach it to any circuit.

The reason is that you are fooling the car’s computer and making it run out of spec, or differently than it was designed for.