Support – MDX Owner’s Manuals. MDX. Owner’s Manuals. [English] M- 10DX Owner’s Manual · [Español] MDX Owner’s Manual · Owner’s Manual. your retailer, the nearest Roland Service Center, or an authorized Roland The MDX is a bit, 96 kHz full-digital channel mixer. It delivers high audio. View and Download Edirol MDX owner’s manual online. 10 Channel Digital Mixer. MDX Music Mixer pdf manual download.

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Product Guide All of the advantages of a digital mixer in a compact unit. The true role of an audio mixer is to faithfully capture sound and allow you to make it even better. Completely digital From audio input to audio output, all processing is fully digital, with bit 96 kHz support for ultra-high quality.

Creating the optimal mixing environment The newly developed Room Acoustic Auto Control feature analyzes the acoustic response of your home studio, and automatically optimizes the output signal accordingly. Manial operability Operation is as intuitive as it is with an analog mixer —you can directly control the sound of each channel using physical controls such as the dedicated eeirol EQ knobs.

Edirol M-10DX Manuals

Your actions appear on the graphic LCD display. It must reproduce the full range of frequencies from low to high without faltering, and needs dynamic range that can express everything from a subtle whisper to a powerful roar.

Experience the enjoyment of mixing with the kind of sparkling edorol available only ediro a digital mixer. The MDX has four buses: Since the pre-fader signal is not affected by pan or channel level, it is often used when sending the signal to a multi-track recorder or to the ediril monitors. COSM technology COSM Composite Object Sound Modeling technology This is proprietary Roland modeling technology that analyzes and simulates the effect that the electrical circuitry, structure, and materials of instruments or audio equipment have on a sound.

Edirol M-10DX Owner’s Manual

The horizontal interval is the sampling frequency expressed in Hzand the vertical intervals are determined by the bit depth the number of bits used to quantize each sample. Using higher sampling edirok and a greater number of bits will allow the recorded digital signal to more faithfully represent the original waveform.

Music CDs are recorded as bit A headphone jack and an input jack for portable audio devices are provided on the Mix controller. The entire system is designed with working efficiently in mind.

Full-digital bit 96 kHz processing far exceeds CD quality. The much greater bit depth and sampling rate mean that you can apply effect processing and adjust the balance without impairing the quality of the input m-10rx or introducing noise.

The sound is the professional quality you expect from a digital mixer with DSP. High-quality built-in effect processors to enhance your sound Tighten up the sound, give it more power, make it sound mnual you need to do, the dedicated built-in effects are there to help.

Operation is simple, but provides tremendous sound-creating freedom. And even through the effects are aimed at vocal production you can try them on any mic music— you will be amazed at the mabual produced. This effect simulates the acoustic ambience of a real-world room or concert hall. Manuao types of reverb and two types of echo are provided. Finalize This effect is applied to the final twochannel stereo mix in order to add the finishing touches to your sound.

You can use the M16DX as a multi-channel a u d i o i nte r f a ce t h at supports both Windows and Macintosh systems.

Page 2 of Roland Music Mixer MDX User Guide |

The final-mixed sound from the main output can then be recorded directly eirol your DAW software as a live recording. Room Acoustic Auto Control — new technology that automatically compensates for the acoustic character of your home studio New intelligent functions born from an uncompromising attitude toward sound Most speakers have certain idiosyncrasies that are unique to that model of speaker.

Unlike a professional studio that is designed for ideal acoustics, it is difficult to obtain an acoustically flat playback environment in a home studio. If you mix in a playback environment that is not flat, there will be changes to the sound caused by irregularities in the acoustics of the room.

For example, you might find that a mix that sounded powerful with a good bottom end at home may sound weak when it is played back in a live venue. This will automatically measure the acoustic response of your private studio and apply compensation to the speaker sound that instantly allows you to obtain a flat mixing environment. As the target response curves for compensation, you can choose from three types: You can also create variations of these and save them.


Adjusting the compensated result to create the desired response: Alternatively, a flat response may not produce a perceptually desirable sound. The results of your adjustments are saved even when the power is turned off, and can be recalled at any time.

A total of twelve curve settings you create can be saved, meaning that you can use the Room Acoustic Auto Control as a preset equalizer. When the sensor inside the Mix controller detects the test signal, the L-channel and then the R-channel will be automatically analyzed, and the result will appear in the screen.

Tips for creating a better monitoring environment in your home studio Place the left and right monitor speakers at the height of your ears, and position your listening point so that you are at the third corner of an equilateral triangle whose other two corners are the two speakers. This is the basic setup. However in actuality, the shape of your room and the material of the walls and floor will affect the sound you hear, so you may need to make fine adjustments to the height or angle of the speakers.

If the left and right speakers are not very far apart, it will be easier to make kanual in the high-frequency and low-frequency ranges. When using Room Acoustic Auto Control, you will get the best results if the sensor is placed at the listening point.

These professional specifications sought by everyone are no longer limited to advanced practitioners. Analog-style control for a digital mixer. They can be used as effect sends connected to -m10dx effect processors. Even beginners will be able to easily check the input levels or operate the effects.

When you control the EQ, the EQ curve will automatically appear in the display when you turn a knob, providing a visual indication of the sonic response as you make adjustments. High-quality mic preamps eedirol pristine mic recordings MDX Precisely because digital mixers are so hi-fi, the quality of the analog section has an enormous impact on the sound. Channels 1—4 of the MDX provide highquality mic preamps with phantom power. This allows you to use not only dynamic mics but also condenser mics to create high-quality mic ,-10dx.

Three bands of analog-like EQ for quickly getting the sound you want Each channel provides -m10dx EQ to adjust its sound. The high and low EQ are shelving types, that allow you to specify the frequency at which a boost or cut will occur.

You can create a gentle, warm sound by softly boosting the entire mid-range, or cut a specific frequency with pinpoint accuracy. You can connect a variety of equipment including mics, instruments, and audio equipment to meet the needs of home recording, studio work, or live PA situations. This can be used to connect an MP3 player or other portable audio player so you can mix your favorite music with your own performance.


Edirol MDX Manuals

If this is on, the signal of that channel will be muted. Rack-mount adaptor is included in the MDX package. Alternatively, you could back up your performance with m–10dx from a karaoke CD, a rhythm machine, or a backing performance of drums that you recorded in stereo at an outside studio. Take advantage of the vocal effects! Cutting household noise when you record with a mic! There are many sources of noise when recording at home, such as the refrigerator and air conditioner, or vibrations from passing vehicles.

If the sound from a mic is lacking in clarity, try turning on the LO CUT switches provided m-10ddx channels 1—4. This is also a useful thing to do if the vibrations from your foot tapping the rhythm on the floor are being transmitted through the mic stand and are getting recorded. If you want to improve the definition of a vocal, you can give the voice more body by using the MID EQ to apply a wide low Q boost at 1 kHz, while cutting the sound below Hz to eliminate muddiness.

On the channels for guitar, bass, and snare, cut the frequency maual that would conflict with each other mamual that the most important element of each instrument is emphasized, thus ensuring majual there is good separation between the sounds. However, recording the sound without the effect applied will make it easier at later stages of the mixing process.


Phantompowered channels 1—4 provide high-quality mic preamps, so you can make serious recordings with professional mics.

Use PAN to let each part be heard clearly! Then use COMP to improve the tonal character of the drums. If you connect the main output to your large speakers and the AUX m1-0dx to your monitor speakers, you can use the setup as a simple PA system.

Even if you have two sounds that you want to be heard in the center, panning one of them slightly away from the center will still create a sense of differentiation while giving the impression that they are both still in the center. Take advantage of different outputs for stereo mixes and multi-track recording! This will allow each part to be recorded at its optimal editol, unaffected by any adjustments to the volume or panning that you might have made for convenience while performing.

The MDX is also a great tool for creating unusual setups that might be difficult to manage in m-10cx live situation. For example, you can connect mics and external effect units to create processed vocals, and then send the completed sound to the main PA system.

Sequencer or Audio recorder Monitor amplifier Headphones for click Headphones Battery operation for a small footprint! In addition to bringing together your keyboard, sequencer, audio player, and other audio sources, the MDX lets you create performances that use mics and external effect processors for additional impact. Even sophisticated setups that are difficult to achieve in a live situation ecirol be created by using the MDX as a sub-mixer, allowing you to make your own adjustments to the sound, and then output the finished submix to the PA.

Tune your backing sound to match the performance venue! You can also create a favorite response curve ahead of time, and use it as one of sixteen preset EQ settings to get the best possible sound at your performance venue.

The MDX also makes it simple to create a system for sending a click to the drummer. Raise the AUX send for both and send the AUX send to the mnaual headphones or amp manuwl that the drummer can play to both the click manjal the backing. In this setup, you can set the channel level edurol the click to zero so that only the backing is sent to the PA, and not the click. Switch mixer settings for each song! This is where you can take advantage of the Scene feature.

You can store up to eight different sets of mixer settings, and then instantly switch the mixer settings simply by holding down the SCENE button for one second or longer and choosing a program number. Expanding the inputs of your audio interface DAW recording system Audio player The MMX is an analog mixer that packs analog inputs and digital output into a compact body. Operation is simple and does not require specialized knowledge, making it a flexible solution for a variety of needs ranging from PC-less audio editing to a submixer for a DAW recording system.

In addition to having the convenience of being able to directly control the volume balance of each instrument at your fingertips, the MMX also provides a high-quality digital output, in spite of its compact size.

Majual digitally connecting this to your audio interface, you can enjoy the superb audio quality of bit 96 kHz recording. In addition m-1dx the convenience of fingertip control over the volume balance of your j-10dx, the MMX provides a digital output in spite of its compact size, so you can digitally connect this deirol your audio interface for high-quality bit 96 kHz recording.

Computerless Mixing music and audio for video without a computer Mobile recording system The MMX is a handy tool for outdoor recording or when mixing audio for video. Since it provides five stereo inputs, you can connect your familiar video or audio device and microphones, and then connect the main output directly to your HDD or DVD recorder to mix background evirol and narration without needing to use a computer. Since the mic jack supports plug-in power, you can use stereo electret condenser mics.

Lower the levels the other channels all the way. By letting you work with the ideal frequency response, this enables you to mix under stable and consistent conditions. An all-in-one model with excellent mobility.