The measurement system for all stages of machine set-up Easy-Laser® E gives you all the functions for shaft alignment plus the opportunity to check the. Measure and easily correct machinery misalignment with the EASY-LASER® E laser shaft alignment system.

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The program has a clear folder structure, where you drag and drop files from the display unit to the database. All you have to do is define a number of measuring points, in advance or while measuring. The substantial and rigid design of aluminium and stainless steel guarantees stable measurement values and reliable alignment with the greatest precision in even the toughest of environments.

This program is used for alignment of vertical and flange-mounted machines, e. More languages to follow. Just follow these simple steps: In this way you will also have access to the measurement programmes that we develop for new purposes in the future. An advanced electronic filter function can be used to achieve reliable results even under poor measuring conditions.

Easy Laser E | Nexxis

Result table The result table shows how well your readings repeat and lets you save comments for each one. This means you will be able to display data on a multitu Horizontal alignment with the E alignment system.

This also makes it very easy to align uncoupled shafts. In fact, they are also lassr access to severa They contain further information about our products. Carry out the following: You can also have different settings for different types of measurements. The display screen has clear graphics that guide you through the measurement process. We freight to anywhere in Australia and Internationally.


The twist measurement program allows you to check the flatness or twist of the machine foundation using only the measuring units in the system. The program can be used e. This ensures that you never have to stop in the middle of a measurement because the battery has run out. This means you will be able to display data on a multit Then follow the step-by-step instructions on screen.

The measuring units are also water and dust proof to classes IP66 and IP Large, clear colour screen, wireless measuring units included as standardlong operating life lser robust design give a measurement system that is both reliable and easy to use. Easy-Laser measurement systems are already extremely flexible in their standard form.

Easy Laser E710

For advanced applications, such as turbines, there ezsy a Multipoint function where any number of measuring points around the whole or part of the rotation can be registered. The Thermal Growth Compensation function allows the measurement system to calculate the appropriate shims and values needed to make adjustments in such cases.

With XT you can Barcode reader is an accessory. All our measurement systems come with the extremely useful Values program. This function allows you to lock any pair of feet on the machine, giving you more freedom when aligning,base-bound or wasy machines. No other system on the market laaer offer this flexibility! Easy Laser E uses the same system for all stages of machine set-up.


The Easy Laser E represents a leap forward in entry level laser systems for shaft alignment and can be used in the toughest environments. Can also be used for dynamic measurements. And it is still just as easy to use as the other XT systems!

The Easy Laser E is a reliable and economical high performance alignment system for rotating machinery. To get even more out of your system, add the D22 swiveling laser. This is an important part of securing a reliable alignment.

In addition, the two Enter buttons make the system suitable for both right and left-handed users. For parallelism measurement of rolls, rails, overhead tracks, gantries, metal sheet cutters, production lines, etc. Measurement results can be checked against pre-defined tolerance tables or values you determine yourself.

Damalini AB Work Sweden. The swap view function allows you to adjust the position of the motor on screen to correspond with the position of the machine in front of you, making it easier to understand adjustment east.