DURST LABORATOR Precigion professional enlarger for all negative for Tiats up to 4 x 5″ (10 x cm) with manual focussing. We thank you for your. DURST LABORATOR ENLARGER IN GOOD CONDITION. | eBay!. This is untested. Bellows seems fine. Everything moves smoothly. Being sold as is. | eBay!.

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Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. I have a great Durst Laborator enlarger.

It looks like it’s built like a tank. Unfortunately, with 4×5 sheets, I have a lot of vignetting.

Adapting a Durst Laborator 1000 condenser head to work with LEDs

According to the manual, the enlarger needs an opal bulb of at least 90mm diameter approx 3. I’ve been looking everywhere but I looks like it’s impossible to still find such a bulb.


Does anybody know where I could find such a bulb? Blia 6 years ago. Edited by vanpepep member 6 years ago.

Sorry Blia, this is a regular 60 mm bulb. Blia Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Blia member 6 years ago.

Oh okay, well, I tried: Edited by quine member 6 years ago. Hi, I’ve successfully used 60mm bulbs in the past with the Laborator There’s also a condenser elevation setting that may need to be changed based on the condenser pair. In general, using a larger bulb size will give you lower native contrast and more latitude WRT bulb position, but it shouldn’t be necessary to get coverage without vignetting.

Edited by ac12basis member 6 years ago.

Durst laborator | Photography Forums

lablrator This is late, but I think a white G30 bulb will work. The G30 is 3. The highest I was able to find is watts. That might work as I normally use a 75w lamp in my Durst M I got the idea of the G30 from a thread of someone using a G40 in his Durst www. I just picked up a L, so this was a very timely post, as I will need a bulb for it, and now I know what bulb to get.